Lockdown or No lockdown?
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Lockdown or No lockdown?

CitySpidey reached out to a few people from the community to know how they feel about the lockdown

Lockdown or No lockdown?

It was more than two years back when Covid 19 hit our lives like a big storm, and since then, we have been learning to live with it. It seems like Covid is here to stay. Just as things get a bit better and people return to their normal lives, with new norms such as masks on and sanitisers handy, a new variant makes its entry like some Bollywood villain.

The entire 2020 went into lockdown and 2021 was spent in fear of the spreading virus. With this new year, people were hoping to finally leave Covid behind, however, Covid seems to like the chase.

With a new lockdown allegedly on its way, CitySpidey reached out to a few people from the community to know how they feel about the lockdown.

Himanshu Mehra, 25, Assistant Professor from Delhi University says, "Looking at India's large population, we know that the spread rate will be much higher, and the casualties can be higher too. However, people are talking about herd immunity. But herd immunity achieved on the piles of dead bodies isn't the solution. Partial lockdown is what we should go for in the current scenario."

"He further said that we must learn to live with Covid-19. We can't challenge nature; we don't know how many more variants are waiting for us in future. It's not only the administration that can take care of it, but the public has a more significant role in cooperation."

Sanket Arora, 29, a businessman from Rohini, Delhi says, "As a businessman, I already have been facing the consequences of Covid -19 for over 18 months now. We have suffered considerable losses in our respective businesses and cannot meet our expenses. I am in total disagreement with the government for imposing another lockdown in the city.

Shipra Lamba, 37, a therapist fronm Janakpuri, Delhi says, "Maybe total lockdown would not be necessary if maximum people, especially with weak immunity, are vaccinated. People must avoid unnecessary outings; social gatherings are restricted to a small number of people keeping in mind Covid precautions. Covid precautions such as regular hand wash, use sanitisers, masks, and social distancing need to be followed seriously."

"As experienced earlier, lockdowns impact physical and mental health. Therefore, it is essential to be alert and follow Covid guidelines. We all have to do our bit to control this situation for the safety and well-being of our children and elders.", she adds.

Aditya Rawlani, 27, a Physician from Saket, Delhi told us, "Partial Lockdown should be taken into consideration with essential services so that the needs of the society are fulfilled. For the population who are not following the guidelines, challan must be the only solution".

Doctor Anil Dhall, Senior Cardiologist from Delhi, says, "It's too late for lockdown, but people need to be precautionary. We need to be prepared for anything coming for us. Also, this variant isn't as harmful as other variants however, its spread rate is high. To break this chain, a lockdown can come in handy."

Some people were in support of complete lockdown.

Simran Sandhu, 25, a consultant in Deloitte, told us, "I am in favour of complete lockdown because there are people who are still partying and going on vacation without even thinking twice of the consequences. No matter how much everyone is following protocols, if offices are open, there is a high chance that many people will get affected. And to break that chain, we need lockdown so that everybody stays home safe."