Roll it with best Shawarma places in Dwarka
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Roll it with best Shawarma places in Dwarka

We've compiled a list of the best shawarma spots in Dwarka

Roll it with best Shawarma places in Dwarka

Who would not love to eat hot and streaming shawarma in the chilly winter weather?

The Middle East has given us, among other things, the succulent, meaty, and mouth-watering shawarma, which we have Indianized to suit our taste buds. While the shawarmas in Delhi aren't exactly like those in Lebanon or Turkey, they're still delicious, and we are crazy about them. So, we've compiled a list of the best shawarma spots in Dwarka to get you started on a budget shawarma trail.

Uncle Chicken Shawarma

Credit: So Delhi

Uncle Chicken Shawarma is a shawarma lover's paradise in Dwarka because these folks serve up some delectable Chicken Shawarmas. Their small tortillas wrapped in a mixture of mayonnaise, minced meat, and special spices are everything you need to bless yourself. They are served with mint chutney, which enhances the flavour of the shawarmas. These guys also have Paneer Shawarmas for our vegetarian friends!

Uncle Chicken Shawarma is located near Sector 10 Market in Dwarka.

Kebab Gali

Credit: Just Dial 

Kebab Gali locations include Malviya Nagar, Vasant Kunj, and Dwarka. It only has two shawarma options – Chicken and Paneer Shawarma – but what they offer is enough to keep you coming back for more. Try their Chicken 65 and Nihari as well are just delectable. However, because they are not prompt with deliveries, we recommend you dine at this restaurant rather than ordering in from here.



Established in the year 2017, Albaik in Dwarka Sector 7, Delhi is a top player in the category of Fast Food in Delhi. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Delhi. Shawarma Albaik will not do not disappoint you! Come here for Syrian style shawarma. It is delicious!

Shawarma Adda

Credit: Justdial

It is located in sector 7 of Dwarka. This spot serves nicely cooked chicken which is hard to forget. This location is synonymous with delectable food that can satisfy any food craving. Because of its location, foodies around the neighbourhood can easily walk into this eating establishment without dealing with the hassles of commuting to this part of the city. It is one of the most popular Fast Food restaurants in Dwarka Sector 7. This is a well-known Fast Food restaurant in Dwarka.