Djokovic's deportation: It all seems like a game but it's not tennis
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Djokovic's deportation: It all seems like a game but it's not tennis

Djokovic is barred from entering Australia and from defending his title

Djokovic's deportation: It all seems like a game but it's not tennis

Tennis world number one Novak Djokovic and his Australian Open entry drama continues and is likely to see more twists and turns in the near future. Now the whole issue is threatening to spill over into diplomatic territory with the Serbian Government coming out with a strong statement in support of its native tennis star and against the alleged unjust treatment meted out to him by the Australian Border police.

What is happening is not tennis in any form but a different sort of game. It sure seems like an intensely fought game. Though here instead of volleys and topspin shots being traded across the net, social media posts and statements are being thrown across the borders. The winner is not clear, but the loser by all counts is the avid tennis fan.

Just a day earlier, Djokovic had announced that he has got an all-clear from the organisers of the Australian Open to participate in the first grand slam of the year 2022. The news had elated his fans and the tennis fans in general. But today morning news came that his visa has been cancelled after he landed at Tullamarine airport, Melbourne, Australia by the Australian Border Police. He is going to be deported out of Australia at the earliest. As per the Australian Authority Djokovic had failed to provide officials with evidence of double vaccination or an adequate medical exemption.

The fact that Djokovic was given an all-clear to play in Australia despite him not making his vaccination status clear had caused a lot of adverse reactions on social media. People were putting the Australian Open organisers and the Australian Government in the dock for allowing the tennis star to participate in the tournament without declaring his vaccination status. Now that the Australian border police have revoked his visa, and with Australian authorities all set to deport him, Djokovic’s dream of defending his title has receded further.

In another fillip to the whole drama, the Serbian government has come out strongly in support of its tennis star. Serbian President Aleksander Vucic made it clear through an Instagram post that his government is in full support of its star and will fight for Novak, justice, and truth. He is also said to have spoken to Novak over the phone as he is stuck in Australia.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison had also made it clear from his side earlier that Australia is not going to give any apology to Djokovic point that no one is going to be given any special treatment and that ‘rules are rules.’