Life lessons that FRIENDS taught us
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Life lessons that FRIENDS taught us

The '90s television show had a lot of wisdom to share

Life lessons that FRIENDS taught us

When we think about FRIENDS, there are so many fantastic moments that are impossible to forget, such as the risk one takes when wearing leather pants and what not to say while moving a couch up the stars.

However, Despite being playful and downright silly at times, the '90s television show had a lot of wisdom to share, whether it was embracing all forms of motherhood, or starting your career afresh after your 30s. One of the main lessons was right in the theme song: good friends will always be there for us, and they will become the family we choose after a while.

Here is recounting some of them-

Hold your true friends close

The most important lesson from the show is the value of friends as a surrogate family in a new city. Your rock in an unusual setting. And your confidantes at the end of a long day dealing with the problems of the world.

It is difficult to imagine anyone finding even one friend as generous, funny, loyal, and charismatic as the show's main leads, let alone six of them. Still, the show teaches how important it is to hold on to true friends when you are fortunate enough to find them and not lose them due to a petty squabble or mean-spirited behaviour.

Learn to express your feelings

Although most of the episodes are comedic, things do get serious at times, and characters are forced to talk about their feelings. Things inevitably worsen for the characters when they try to avoid those moments by burying their emotions, such as Ross not telling Rachel how much he loved her or Joey and Chandler not talking about missing each other after living in separate apartments. Only by being honest about their feelings will the characters clear the air and find happiness.

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Motherhood is a feeling

Through ten seasons, FRIENDS took us through three different forms of motherhood. We started with Phoebe being a surrogate for her brother Frank Junior and his wife, Rachel accepting her baby without getting married and finally, Mondler taking up adoption to become parents. It is in these moments we appreciate the sensitivity and silent wisdom of FRIENDS. In truth, it was progressive and poignant.

You can be friends with your ex

From Ross' ex-wife Emily to Rachel's almost-husband Barry, Exes were a constant source of drama on the show. And then there were the other ex-lovers, like Richard for Monica and Carol for Ross, who, despite their troubled pasts, remained a source of strength and support even after the romance had ended.

On her wedding day to Susan, Ross assisted Carol in standing up to her parents. Carol was there to help Ross deal with the reality of his friends abandoning him to join Rachel on a ski trip. Richard encouraged Chandler to pursue Monica and show her how serious he was about their relationship. These were ex-partners who maintained a mature worldview and a friendly demeanour toward one another.

Life doesn't wait for anyone


One of the show's central themes was the importance of seizing opportunities as soon as they arise. Ross waited too long to approach Rachel, and she was taken by Paolo. Richard lost Monica because he did not want to have children, and when he realised he still wanted her even if it meant having children, it was too late; she had moved on and fallen in love with Chandler.

Love requires compromise


Time and again, characters on the show attempted to find love without compromising their beliefs, such as when Richard refused to have children but still wanted to date Monica, or when Ross and Rachel disagreed on whether or not they were on a break, or when Emily refused to let Ross even talk to Rachel while he was in New York after their marriage. Those relationships did not last.

When characters were willing to compromise for the sake of love, such as when Chandler overcame his fear of commitment to propose to It'sica, it resulted in some of the show's most loving and fulfilling relationships.

"Its not supposed to be perfect, it's supposed to be us"

Whether it is a thanksgiving with jam and butter, Chandler and Monica becoming habitual of each other and not behaving like a couple crazy in love with each other, FRIENDS taught us that imperfections are special. Chandler said these lines to Monica and we cannot agree more.

Life cannot be grand at all times, but with the right people around, even the tiny moments are special.