Neighbourly love in the times of Covid
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Neighbourly love in the times of Covid

People have been there for each other in such tough times

Neighbourly love in the times of Covid

The unexpected death of loved ones, loss of livelihood and everyday struggles brought about by Covid-19 and related restrictions have led to an increase in anxiety and depression among people, said experts onWorld Suicide Prevention Day. Covid has indeed taken a mental toll on people. However, during these tough times, in many cases friends, relatives and neighbours have come forward with a helping hand.  

Prakhar Srivastav, 24, resident of Saket, while recounting his Covid experience, says, "When I was positive, my cousin helped us a lot. He delivered food every morning and evening along with other essentials. As my whole family was Covid positive, he was the only one supporting us even though he didn't live nearby. I am very thankful to him."

From arranging medicines to providing homemade food to the Covid affected families, people have been there for each other in such tough times.

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Sanwarjeet Singh, Resident of Noida , says, "I and my family got Covid positive recently. It was difficult for us to cope up with the related mental and physical fatigue. Desperate for help and support,  I called my doctor at 2 in the night. He not just answered it, but also guided us very calmly. My friends helped me in getting medicines and also provided home made food three times a day daily."

However, some people had rather unpleasant and different experiences. Yogesh Gupta, 31, a resident of Delhi, says, "I think neighbours are skeptical to help because of the risk of getting themselves infected. Yes, definitely the friend circle is of great help. My friends helped me a lot by arranging medicines and food supplies."

Sanjeev Kumar Jha, a resident of Noida, says, "I live in BHEL township, Sector 17. Here we have one help desk who manages medicine for Covid patients. It started a week ago. We also get online consultation from doctors on Whatsapp. Apart from this, our neighbours also help us  with anything we require".