This Winter, slay it with a scarf
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This Winter, slay it with a scarf

Here are unique ways to style your Winter scarf for a strong style statement.

This Winter, slay it with a scarf

Scarves are a must-have for the chilly weather. A fashionable scarf wrapped around your neck will make your winter attire seem cosier and trendier. It can lift your entire look and give it that particular feel you desire. It is also designed to keep you warm against the cold wind. Especially, a scarf is a wonderful way to dress up or add a little bit extra to your turtle neck, high neck or an overcoat.

Needless to say, there are several ways to wear them! Whether you're knotting, looping, or just carrying your scarf, the way you arrange it may completely transform your look in an instant. A winter scarf, no matter how you choose to wear it, may be the highlight of your ensemble, elevating an everyday outfit to something more interesting. Choose well, and find your fashion statement with a Winter scarf.

There are even more ways to sport your scarf depending on the type of scarf you have, such as rectangular or infinity scarves. But long rectangular scarves are undoubtedly the most basic and popular design throughout Winters.

Here are some ways to wear your scarf in the most classy and trendy ways:

Just the Drapes

This one is really straightforward. Simply wrap it around your neck and hang it, ensuring sure the sides are equal. This is a classic style to uplift your Winter look. It can be used on ethnic wear like a woollen kurta or a classy overcoat above boots.

Let it go the 'Roundabout' Way

Begin this one similarly to how you'd drape it, but instead grab one side and loop it over your neck once. Once again, make sure the sides are even. This style will go great with your casual denim and pullovers.


The muffler knot is one of the most trendy techniques to tie a scarf. It's pretty simple but quite adorable. This approach is ideal if you have a sheer and delicate scarf material to work with. It's one method of wearing a scarf as a top.

Just 'toss' it!

Wrap the scarf over your neck, then grab one side and fling it behind you. It's probably not the ideal choice for a really windy day because it won't stay on, but on any other sunny day, go for it! This is a delicate and lovely way to wear your scarves.

Just Pull Though

Fold your scarf in half and wrap it around your neck, then draw the two tails at one end through the loop. So simple and a classic winter look.

The Tie and Loop

That's exactly what it sounds like. To end, combine one loop with a simple knot, and you're all packed up! This is a unique way to style your scarf and not to forget, it will keep you absolutely warm, like a garland of warmth.

The Shawl

Apart from merely slipping a scarf over your neck, this is undoubtedly the easiest and foremost step to wear a scarf around your neck. However, if it's good enough for celebs, it's great for our list.

We can see why celebrities, both men and women, wear their scarves in this manner. It's simple, and you may wear it in the middle or off to one side as one of the ways to use a scarf as a shawl.

Scarves are highly adaptable and may be knotted or flung over your shoulders on ensembles ranging from casual to celeb-inspired looks. To be safe, limit the use of patterns and colours to casual ensembles and choose coarser, robust scarves for dressier occasions.