Ajnara Le Garden: Dug up road causing inconvenience
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Ajnara Le Garden: Dug up road causing inconvenience

The problem has been persisting for the past six months

Ajnara Le Garden: Dug up road causing inconvenience

Noida: The buyers are promised seamless facilities and an easy life by builders. People invest their lifelong savings for the sake of having a home in some of the finest societies of Noida, however, it is not always they are given what they were promised. What they get instead are problems such as potholes, dug up roads, and water logging. This is the case in yet another society of Noida extension, Ajnara le garden. The people here are facing troubles due to a dug up portion of the road right in front of the housing society's shopping complex. The area, according to the residents, has been lying in this dug up state for almost six months now. This has made the simple act of going to the shopping complex a challenge. Even if they want to shop for anything from the society's commercial complex, they need to hop and jump, putting their lives and limbs at risk to negotiate the dug up area. The area has been dug up as a part of a project of laying down  pipes for a swerline being carried by Noida Authority. 

Nitin Bhardwaj, a newly shifted resident of Ajnara le garden, says "We were very happy that we are living in this society but this digging has made our life very tough. It is not necessary that we will enter the commercial complex from society's gate. A lot of times, we have to use the outdoor entrance too."

Nitin Bhardwaj

Manju Sharma, another resident of the society was also of the same opinion. She says, "It is not easy to walk on such a path daily. We want the work to be completed soon so that we don't face such problems." Not only the residents, the domestic help of the society is also suffering because of this. Vidhya, a house help who works in the society says, "I am waiting for this work to be completed for quite some time now. Because of this, a lot of dust accumulates in the flats daily which adds to my work. If it continues for more time, I might consider to stop working here.''

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The shopkeepers of this neighbourhood shopping complex are also suffering. As the long time dug up area has majorly affected the footfall in the shops of the commercial complex of the society. Bhupesh Ahuja, owner of a toy shop in Ajnara's shopping arcade who is also a resident there, says, "I am counting days to get a smooth path towards my shop. Dust and trash is the only thing I encounter every day. This problem seems never ending. It's been more than 6 months and no one is listening. Due to this, footfall of customers is majorly affected. First it was Covid and now, this unfinished work is affecting our business. This is making people like me hopeless."

Bhupesh Ahuja

Manoj Baloni, owner of a kitchen appliances shop says, "Due to this road excavation, our lives are miserable. Especially when it rains, the situation gets worse and the area becomes a breeding ground of mosquitoes and a source of various vector borne diseases like dengue. The whole pathway from road to this market is uncovered, which can result in severe mishaps. It has also affected the parking. If people can not park their vehicles here, why  will they consider coming to this market? Hence the footfall is tremendously low. Not only this, there is also the problem of loading and unloading the shop's stuff."

Manoj Baloni

Supervisor of Ajnara Le Garden society, Riyasat Hussain, holds a different View on the subject. He says that it is alright if the government is taking time, the slower the best. He says, "Only market shop owners are facing problem, our society residents who go to this commercial complex from inside the premises are perfectly fine with this as they can use alternative access to avoid the dug up area."