DDA Budget 2022-23 to focus on sustainability
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DDA Budget 2022-23 to focus on sustainability

The new budget has a lot in store for DDA's Dwarka, Rohini and Narela projects

DDA Budget 2022-23 to focus on sustainability

The Delhi Development Authority(DDA) announced its budget for 2022-23 with sustainable development in the National Capital as its focus. The Authority approved the annual budget for 2022-23, with an annual outlay of Rs. 7933 crore and receipts have been projected at Rs. 7943 crore.

Civic Infrastructure

A total allocation of Rs 2922 crore has been made in Budget Expenditure (BE) 2022-23, for development of land and physical infrastructure which includes roads, sewerage, water supply, power lines and drainage mainly in the sub cities of Narela, Dwarka and Rohini.

DDA has signed a MoU with NHAI for the Construction of Urban Extension Road –II (UER) by NHAI as a national highway. This road will significantly enhance the connectivity of the sub cities of Dwarka, Rohini, Narela and the proposed land pooling areas with rest of Delhi and the neighboring states. By connecting the major national highways, it will contribute significantly towards easing heavy traffic congestion on Delhi roads and in improving the air quality. 

Out of the approximate Project Cost of Rs. 7700 crores (approx.), DDA has agreed to provide the viability gap funding of Rs. 3600 crore which is to be released in a phased manner. Rs.1787 crore out of this will be funded from Urban Development Fund and rest by DDA. As the work on the project has gathered pace, Rs.900 crore have been released during 2021-22. For this, BE 2021-22 of Rs. 100 crore has been enhanced and a sum of Rs.725 crore has been kept in BE 2022-23 for this project. The budget makes way for a grant of Rs 1000 crore to DMRC in a phased manner for Delhi Metro Phase-IV project in 2022-23. Apart from this, provision of Rs 47.49 crore in BE 2022-23 has been made for construction of sewage water drain at Sector-8, Dwarka to cater the discharge of drain water from Airport and Development and Rehabilitation of Trunk Drain No 2 and Trunk Drain No 5 for reusing the drain water for horticulture purpose. Once completed, this project  is expected to comprehensively address the problem of inundation of IGI Airport, every time there is heavy rainfall.

Housing Projects & In-situ Development for Slum Rehabilitation

An allocation of Rs.2543 Crore has been provided in BE 2022-23 for completion of the ongoing housing projects. DDA has launched a special Housing Scheme 2021 in Dec.21 consisting of its existing inventories of around 18000 flats. In addition, a number of projects are also likely to be completed during 2022-23 in Dwarka and Narela, DDA has projected revenue of Rs. 2761 Crore from the sale of flats in BE 2022-23.

In Situ Rehabilitation: -
At Kalkaji, construction of 3024 EWS dwelling units on Design and Build Model is on. Provision of Rs. 46 Crore & Rs. 30 Crore has been provided for this in RBE 2021-22 & BE 2022-23 respectively. At jailorwala bagh,
construction of 1675 EWS dwelling units on   Design and Build model is there. Provision of Rs. 120 Crore &Rs. 168 Crore has been made in RBE 2021-22 & BE 2022-23 respectively.In addition to these two, DDA has
floated a plan  of 6 projects comprising 10 JJ Clusters.

Environmental initiatives: Parks, Water Bodies and Yamuna RiverFront

The work for the development of the Bharat Vandana Park with a project cost of Rs.560 crore in Dwarka Sub-city is already in progress. The project, spread over an area of 80 hectares, is being executed by NBCC.
Provision of Rs. 280 Crore has been provided in BE 2022-23 by DDA. DDA has prepared an action plan for rejuvenation of water bodies across Delhi. For this a provision of Rs. 17.90 Crore has been provided in BE 2022-23.  DDA has taken up the work of rejuvenation and restoration of the floodplains of River Yamuna at a total cost of Rs.928.92 Crore, the work is being taken up in a phased manner as 10 separate sub projects. A sum
of Rs 35.77 crores has been provided as BE 2022-23. An outlay of Rs. 77 Crore has also been provided towards development, upgradation, modernisation and maintenance of city parks maintained by DDA. In addition to this there are 787 parks under DDA having a total area of 11258 acres the total maximum average daily water requirement is 34.3 ML per Day. The work of setting up decentralized STPs/Wastewater Treatment Plants so as to close bore wells supplying water to the city parks is being taken up in a phased manner and steps are also being taken to recharge the bore wells. Provision of Rs. 7.90 Crore has been provided in BE 2022-23 for setting up STPs.

Promotion of Sports

A sum of ₹ 546 crore has been provided in BE 2022-23 for promotion of sports in Delhi by DDA. This includes expenditure on the ongoing project of the construction of three new sports complexes at Dwarka, one at Rohini
and a Golf Course at Dwarka. Apart from this, DDA is also maintaining the existing 18 sports complexes and 2 golf courses.

Other projects

DDA has undertaken the integrated development of the East Delhi Hub project at Karkardooma with mixed land usage based on "Transit-Oriented Development norms" with mixed land usage on 30 hectares of land. This
project is being executed by NBCC and involves construction of 1524 houses in the first phase with a project cost of Rs.1168 crore. Provision of Rs. 426 crore has been made for the year 2022-23.

DDA has planned a dedicated corridor track for cyclists and pedestrians. The Delhi Cycle Walk project is being planned with the objective to take a large number of car rides out of the Delhi roads. The work on Phase 1 of the Delhi cycle walk with a dedicated corridor for cyclists and pedestrians named "Neelgai line" from Badarpur to Malviya Nagar is in progress and a provision of Rs. 6 Crore has been made in BE 2022-23.

DDA had identified three commercial centers namely, Nehru Place, BhikajiCama Place and Basant Lok Community center for upgradation. While the work of upgrading the Basant Lok Community Centre has already been completed, the work in respect of Nehru Place and BhikajiCama Place is in progress and a provision of Rs. 26.60 Crore has been made in BE 2022-23.

Provision of Rs. 6 Crore has been made in BE 2022-23 for construction of  Utsav pandals at Madangir, Dwarka, Rohini and CBD Shahdara Utsav Pandal.

Extension of Time for Additional FAR and Use Conversion Charges

The Authority has also approved the extension of time up to 30.06.2022 for applicability of existing rates in respect of following as it is felt that enhancement of rates at this stage may not be in the larger public interest during the Covid 19 pandemic period.