Sector 6, Dwarka: Is having streetlights enough?
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Sector 6, Dwarka: Is having streetlights enough?

Quite a few stretches in the sector lie enveloped in darkness after sundown, as the bulbs and fittings don't work.

Sector 6, Dwarka: Is having streetlights enough?

Come evenings, and the inner roads, alleys and service lanes of Sector 6 in Dwarka are slowly enveloped in darkness. It has been like this for quite some time now, since none of the bulbs in the streetlights work, and the authorities are not too bothered.  

Residents allege that some of the roads are perpetually dark. These include the inner road towards Plaza Park, the one from Government School towards the DDA pocket, the back lanes of societies such as the Shree Balaji, Daffodils and Skylark societies. The road behind Kamakshi Apartments along the park, too, shares the same fate.

President of Som Apartments, MP Setia, says, “Most of the sector's back lanes lie in darkness. The road from Som Apartments towards Karor Apartments has been like this for a long time now. The lane from Hahnemann society, along the Government School and towards the DDA pocket, is unsafe, as there's hardly any light in that stretch. The DDA should ensure these stretches get proper lighting.”

The DDA is in no hurry to remedy the situation and is doing nothing about the defunct fittings and bulbs, complain the RWAs. President of Skylark Apartments, Colonel Sunil Dubey, says, “The sector does have the infrastructure, but unfortunately, most of the bulbs and fittings are not working. If you visit the area, you will see some stretches have light, while others are in complete darkness. It's no longer safe — there have been a few incidents of snatching in the past. At certain places, the bulbs have dimmed because they have been in use for too long. The civic authorities should take note of the situation and maintain the infrastructure.”

When City Spidey contacted DDA officials of the electrical department for response, they said they are looking into the matter, and necessary steps are being taken to rectify the situation.