Special gadgets for differently abled people
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Special gadgets for differently abled people

These highly advanced gadgets allow people with disability achieve their everyday tasks with ease.

Special gadgets for differently abled people

When technology and mankind come together for good, it gives rise to something beneficial for the human race. Engineers and Tech enthusiasts have introduced wonderful gadgets to help people living with a disability get over their obstacles and embrace life. These high advance gadgets allow differently abled people achieve their everyday tasks with ease.

Let us have a look at some of them-

Braille Rubik's Cube

Matching a Rubik’s cube sure requires a lot of attention and tricks. A braille Rubick's cube is specially designed for blind people. These cubes contain different textures on every panel with braille language. A Braille Rubik's cube can help enhance cognitive (such as memory) and motor skills of differently abled people.

Sign language interpreter

Created by tech enthusiast Mac Funamizu,  a sign language interpreter is an outstanding gadget to make conversations easier for deaf and dumb people. It is a handy gadget, fixed with an advanced camera, that captures the hand motion of the speaker and converts it into oral language, this gadget also provides you with a choice of a different voice. The wider the device is opened, the louder is the voice.

Kenguru electrical cars

 Kenguru electrical cars are made for people in a wheelchair which runs with the support of electricity. It is also the world’s first electrical care made for disabled people. One can easily operate the car through their wheelchair and it is easily accessible through the back door.

Robotic arms

 Robotic arms run with electricity or a battery. It is for people with upper limb amputation. It helps them to customise the use of robotic arms according to their needs. There are a variety of choices in robotic arms one can have from full hands to the attached shoulder.

Anti-shake spoons

Anti-shake spoons are for people suffering from motion disorders such as Parkison's. This spoon detects the movements and helps to reduce them by 70%. It comes with different attachments according to the meal which helps patients eat without anyone's assistance.