Noida home-based businesswomen who are making it big
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Noida home-based businesswomen who are making it big

These Noida women are an inspiration for many.

Noida home-based businesswomen who are making it big

These Noida women are an inspiration for many. From house chores to taking care of a family to running their business, they seem to manage everything well.  We bring to you their success story. 

Neha Patni, a mom, and a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 3 is a prominent face in Noida extension. Her work speaks for herself.  In a highrise building, her house can be called an abode of natural art. She excels in wooden crafts, wall decors, decorative pieces for kids' corners, and kitchen areas. She provides the best quality and colourful handicrafts at an affordable price.

Neha Patni

"A few years back, I wanted to decorate my walls and buy relevant pieces. Because Covid was so rampant then, we were locked inside our homes.  This was when this idea came to my mind to make decorative crafts for our home. So I made one and shared it with my friend's group. I was surprised to see the overwhelming response and the compliments I received were more than my expectations. I give the credit of my success to my ever so encouraging friends".  

Meet Aarti Shrivastava:  A mom, A baker, wife of a civil engineer and probably the happiest resident of Nirala Aspire society. She is from Gorakhpur and she loves to bake cakes. She considers herself lucky to have 2 daughters who love to do icing on her baked cakes, muffins, doughnuts, and puddings. She is a home-based baker and in her society, everyone is fond of her cakes. Her preparations are purely eggless yet utterly yummy. She delivers her cakes within her society and to other societies nearby. No event in Nirala Aspire is celebrated without a cake by Aarti.  

Prachi Nigam, 34, wife of a software engineer, resident of Supertech Ecovillage 3 is doing well in her life. She deals in American crepe, cotton fabric comprising of polyester mixed cotton and pure cotton, her career graph is very appealing. She has a Postgraduate degree in Mass Communication and used to work as an event manager. After her son's birth (he is now 8), she decided to be a homemaker. She wanted to nurture her child by taking his full responsibility.

Prachi Gupta

Being a communication expert, she started her fabrics work on a small scale which soon took off. Now, it is doing wonders on the internet and she sells from her home also. "Earlier I used to find it hard, but soon people started loving my work and appreciating me. I provide every detail to our customers from the breed of thread used to the colour that would suit them."

This energetic lady is an inspiration for all those who want to make it big from their homegrown ventures.

These women prove that when you have the right intentions and skills, you do not need a big platform for the world to accept you.