Troubles branch out in Sec 55

By Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Posted: Feb 17, 2016

Overgrown trees in Sector 55 have become a cause of concern for residents.

Branches from several of these unkempt trees touch high-tension power lines, resulting in frequent power outages.

"The branches often fall on power lines, at times breaking them," says Gajendra Singh, RWA President, Sector 55. "It is a constant threat to the residents. These overgrown trees obstruct street lights at several locations, causing several dark patches across the sector."

Omveer Singh, Director, Horticulture, Noida, redirected City Spidey to Deputy Director Mahendra Prakash. However, he offered the usual riposte: "We will look into the matter and begin pruning soon."

Maybe it will take more than just a complaint letter to the Noida Authority to grab its attention.

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