Vitamin B12: Importance, deficiency and sources
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Vitamin B12: Importance, deficiency and sources

Deficiency of B12 can lead to various dermatological issues such as vitiligo, nail discolouration

Vitamin B12: Importance, deficiency and sources

Our body requires the correct amount of every vitamin and nutrient to work efficiently and for our overall well being. Out of all the essential vitamins, vitamin B12 from the family of B vitamins is crucial for brain health and the production of red cells. The deficiency of B12 can be dangerous for the neurological system of the body if left untreated for a longer period of time.

Health benefits of vitamin B12

Boosts mood: vitamin B12, is required to metabolise serotonin in the body to regulate mood. People with a deficiency of vitamin B12 can come across depressed moods and therefore they have prescribed supplements of B12. Although the effect of vitamin B12 on mood is not yet properly understood and more research is required.

Support healthy nails, skin and hair: An adequate amount of Vitamin B12 can help you to maintain shiny hair, healthy skin and stronger nails. Many studies have found that deficiency of B12 can lead to various dermatological issues such as vitiligo, nail discolouration and hyperpigmentation. A well-nourished person with vitamin B12 can improve their dermatological symptoms.

Supports bone health: Low level of vitamins in the blood and bones with a reduced level of mineral density can result in a bone disease known as osteoporosis. People with such issues are generally advised to consume a good amount of vitamin B12.

Prevent birth defects: To develop a fetus properly, pregnant women should take sufficient amounts of vitamin B12. Science says proper amount of vitamin B12 can help to prevent brain and spinal cord birth defects.

Deficiency symptoms-

  • Memory problem
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty in concentration

Who is at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency?

  • Older people
  • People who are taking proton pump inhibitors for chronic heartburn.
  • Those who are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, such as 
  • Crohn's disease or celiac disease.
  • Those who take metformin for blood sugar control.

Good sources of vitamin B12 include:

  • Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese.
  • Fish such as tuna and haddock.
  • Lamb, Eggs, Beef, Pork and some nutritional yeast production.