Working from home? Get up and clean up your mess!
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Working from home? Get up and clean up your mess!

A messy home can suck up all your energy

Working from home? Get up and clean up your mess!

Work from home becomes quite hectic when you have to sit in front of your screen all the time. It gets tougher when all around you see piles of clothes, cluttered study table and pending household chores. Many  experts say a messy home affects both your mental and physical health. 

It can make you more vulnerable to stress, anxiety, cold and flu. You may not know but your messy and dirty house does affect you.  

Mental health: Do you know clean space gives you a chance to access your daily routine easily without any stress. Whereas cluttered spaces cause poor concentration, stress and lots of anxiety due to accumulated pressure on your head of pending activities. If you want to keep your well being on track follow the tips and tricks mentioned below in our article.

Allergies: If you wake up with a stuffy nose, cough or scratchy throat every other morning, this is because of the airborne allergens like dust, pest, millets and pollen present in your home. Declutter your house, organise your surroundings and dust away all the dirt by covering your face and eyes.

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Reduced efficiency: Messy home can suck all your energy and will leave you with a stressful aura. When your surroundings are not clean and a lot of work needs to be done, you can also not achieve healthy sleep and feel tired all day. If you will not declutter your home timely, it does get difficult for you and focusing on one task becomes a tedious job.

Feel sad and lonely: A neat home always feels welcoming for the people who live with you, but untidy surroundings can force you to keep people away from you due to the embarrassment of a messy home. This can also take a toll on your relationship, making you feel lonely, isolated and sad.

Safety first: When your house is messy, there can be any threat lying on the floor due to which you can slip or fall. There can also be  cluttered flammable material in your room or kitchen which can put your  house on fire.

Here is how you can easily declutter your home:

Create a declutter list: When you have an idea from where you are going to start, it becomes easy and you can clean early.

Organize all the drawers: Quickly shift all the unused and less used items in the drawers and keep them close to avoid any dust getting inside them.

Basket your dirty clothes: Keep a basket in your washroom or the laundry halls and collect your dirty clothes in it instead of hanging them behind the doors and washing them weekly to ignore any sort of burden.

Let go of unused items: Collect all the medicines, food items which are expired and broken stuff. Dump all of these things safely and  create more space for yourself.

Box up for donation: Things which you do not require like clothes, electrical gadgets, books etc pack all these items and donate them to someone in need.

Get help: It is always good to ask for help from your friend or your family member in cleaning the house. They can also help to have an idea for things you are confused about.

Follow the 1.5-hour method: Do not clean everything in one go, your task may become impossible and you might get tired easily. Work for 1.5 hours cleaning your surroundings and then take a break of an hour and 
start again.

Choose one thing: Do not start from anywhere, choose to clean one  place at one time to reduce stress. To motivate yourself click a  picture of before and after.

If your pending list contains the decluttering of your home, then go and start it now and experience the fresh breath and calm hidden behind all the mess.