Reverse pre-mature greying of hair with these foods
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Reverse pre-mature greying of hair with these foods

Stress and diet are two of the most critical factors for premature greying

Reverse pre-mature greying of hair with these foods

Grey hair can be challenging to deal with for some people, regardless of their age. While some people may welcome the colour change, others may seek to prevent or reverse it. Is it, however, genuinely possible to reverse grey hair? Is there anything you can do to prevent this  from happening? Follow these hair remedies to improve your hair  strength and help you fight against premature grey hair. Let us find out what causes premature grey hair and how to deal with them.

Stress levels are rising

Increased stress causes the follicle to release a chemical called norepinephrine. This chemical causes melanocyte stem cells to rapidly transform into pigment cells and move out of hair follicles, resulting in grey hair.

Stress and diet are two of the most critical factors, but they are not the only ones. Early greying of hair can be caused by various factors,  including genetics, hormonal imbalances, and even medical conditions like constipation or anaemia.

Dietary deficiency

It has been discovered that certain nutrients play an essential role  in premature greying. According to studies, a lack of iron, copper, vitamin B, iodine, and omega 3 causes grey hair, so these nutrients  must be included in the diet. On the other hand, packaged, junk, refined, or processed foods may contribute to even more greying. As a result, pay attention to what you eat, as a poor diet can lead to premature grey hair.


Several different combinations can help to delay greying. Here are some pointers:

Improve your eating habits

Correcting your diet routine is the most critical solution to any health issue, including premature greying of hair. To regain your black, lustrous hair, you must eat a few specific foods. Cashews, potatoes, chickpeas, almonds, mushrooms, and other copper-rich foods are just a few examples.

The second most important food to include in your diet is nuts and seeds. Copper is abundant in almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, which stimulates melanin synthesis and causes your hair to become more pigmented.

Vitamin B-rich foods like curd, paneer, banana, carrots, or even a vegetable juice of your choice can help prevent premature grey hair.


Amla is high in antioxidants and has anti-ageing properties that can help prevent premature greying of the hair. There are several ways in which this fruit can help you. You can wash your hair with amla-infused water right away. You can also extract amla juice and mix it with one tablespoon of almond oil and a few lemon squeezes.

Coconut oil made at home

Natural homemade oil is unrivalled, and it's effortless to make. 500ml coconut oil, one tablespoon onion seeds, one tablespoon methi seeds,  and one tablespoon of dried curry leaves powder is all you'll need. Before using, thoroughly mix everything and set it out in the sun for four to five days.

Leaves of curry

Curry leaves have been used for medicinal purposes for a long time. You can use them to reverse premature grey hair by powdering them, mixing them with coconut oil, and applying them to your scalp.

The juice of an onion

Onion juice is probably the most frequently recommended internet remedy. Hydrogen peroxide imbalances cause premature greying of hair.  When we use onion juice, the hydrogen peroxide in the onion can neutralise the catalase enzyme, which helps to prevent premature grey  hair. So combine one tablespoon of onion juice with one tablespoon of  lemon zest and see what a difference it makes for your grey hair.

Black tea

Because black tea contains tannic acid, it can help darken your hair when combined with a herbal conditioner. However, shampoo should not be used after this because it may cause hair to dry out. The next day, you can shampoo your hair.