Noida Authority declares result of Swachh Citizen Contest
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Noida Authority declares result of Swachh Citizen Contest

304 participants took part in the contest

Noida Authority declares result of Swachh Citizen Contest

The jury declared the results of the Swachh Citizen Contest, an initiative taken by the Noida Authority to promote awareness on cleanliness and sanitation, on January 22, 2022.

Nealy 304 participants participated across five categories- Jingle, Wall painting, Nukkad Natak, Poster/Drawing and Short movies.

Music Factory, a young band of artists, Sector 133 won the first prize in the Jingle category and Nukkad Natak category. NINOS, Sector 51 and Vishwa Bharti Public School, Sector 133 won second and third prize respectively in the Jingle category.

Ruchi Juneja from sector 23 won second prize and Comfit shoes Pvt Ltd, sector 7 won third prize in Nukkad Natak.

In the Moviemaking category, Anhad Mishra from sector 27 won first prize, Dinesh Pandey from sector 56 won second prize and Manya Goenka won third prize.

Anhad Mishra, 14, says, "Mahatma Gandhi had a dream of clean India and after that our Prime Minister also started an initiative to clean our localities. I think we all have to take one step forward and make our area clean."

Bijender Singh from sector 126, Versha Singh from sector 12 and Hardik Singh Gahalaut from sector 28 won first, second and third prizes respectively in the Painting and Drawing category.

In the Wall painting category, RWA sector 51 won the first prize, whereas the second and third prize goes to Ghanshyam, sector 31 and the Earth Paradise School, sector 31 respectively.

Aartee Chhibba Antal, a tutor from the Music Factory band says, "Ek Kadam Bas Ek kadam is the name of our Jingle. Before creating it, we went through many articles and researched why Noida came in the fourth position as the cleanest city. We tried to include every possible detail. It took us around 10 days to create a Jingle and one week for the Nukkad Natak."

Chhibba adds, "11 children participated in this competition. I created the Jingle and my son gave background music, he is a keyboard artist himself. He is also part of the Music Factory. These children also participated in Nukkad Natak."

Sector 51, RWA became the first resident body to win the first prize in wall painting, Anita Joshi, President RWA sector 51 says, "It took 5 to 6 days to paint the wall. We discussed ideas in the meeting. Children also shared their ideas which is great. Now, instead of spitting or peeing on the walls, many take selfies there."