Indirapuram Habitat Centre- Ghaziabad's favourite social hub
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Indirapuram Habitat Centre- Ghaziabad's favourite social hub

Whether it is shopping or just a warm weekend brunch, IHC is the first option.

Indirapuram Habitat Centre- Ghaziabad's favourite social hub

Given the hustle-bustle and pollution, all we need to unwind is a place with good shopping options, restaurants, and a lot of open space. The Indirapuram Habitat Centre located in Ahinsa Khand 1, Ghaziabad comes as an answer for all these needs. Whether it is shopping or just a warm weekend brunch, IHC is the first option. This makes it the perfect hangout place for the youth and families.

Mr Singh, a visitor at IHC says, "Whenever I and my husband have weekends off, our go to place is IHS, our children love the place and their favourite part of coming here is rides and ice-cream."

However, not everyone knows what you can find here. Follow us as we introduce you to the array of offerings at Indirapuram Habitat Centre, Ghaziabad's very own social hub.

Flea Market

One big reason to visit IHC is to go shopping at the flea market of IHC. The inner circle of the IHC is dedicated to a trendy flea market dealing in everything from clothes to cutlery. It can be a fashionist's dream for their range of dresses. The variety and quality of the boho/oxidized jewellery available here is exquisite. These stalls are known for their trendy products at affordable prices. In addition, at this flea market you can check out the colourful cutlery, western as well as traditional clothes, chunky jewellery, mouth fresheners, handmade Gujarati bags and handicrafts.


"You will get trendy products at half the prices you pay in malls, the quality is good and up-to-date. We don't face any problems, customers are polite and they mostly like to buy things from our stalls like ours", says Rajesh hair accessories vendor in IHC.

Food & Lounges

What fun is shopping without some snacks? The IHC abounds in fast-food chains like KFC and even multi-cuisine themed restaurants. Moreover, there are many lounges and bars with the most interesting eye-catching and unique themes and great ambience which will enhance your experience.


People call this place a paradise for shopping enthusiasts for a reason. This place is full of top brands fashion, tech, accessories and salons. The Body shop, Apple, Geetanjali, Trends, Titan, Raymond etc
are a few names. The best part is they are present in the outer area of the buildings which makes it easier to find them.

Playing area and rides for kids

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The children have equally appealing reasons to visit the IHC. The playing area, in the centre of IHC, has many rides and fun activities for children. The kids can enjoy battery-operated toy cars and a red bus with proper supervision and safety. Plus, there are more rides near the parking entrance.


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