What Dwarka did on Dussehra
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What Dwarka did on Dussehra

Phuchka stalls, dhunuchi naach, bhog, Ravana dahan, Ramlila, shindur khela, Bangla bands. Dwarka sure did have a blast!

What Dwarka did on Dussehra Deepanwita puja committee, Sector 22

Ganpati Apartments in Dwarka Sector 9 organised a Ramlila performance by children and a Ravana dahan on Vijayadashmi. 

As the children performed on stage, a screen acting as the backdrop showed pertinent scenes from the yesteryears' TV show Ramayana

Residents actively participated in the screening. The show was arranged by PP Bansal, a senior resident of the society, the projection was organised by Kamal Kapoor and operations handled by Ajay Sharma. Bansal also held an interactive session on Ramlila, and the episodes and scenes shown. The show was the brainchild of Advocate KS Bhati, president of the society, PP Bansal and SC Shukla, with assistance from Sanjeev Singh.


Ramlila performers strike a pose after the show


The Ravana effigy was burnt in the end by Mohan Singh, a society plumber, and Munna Kumar, a society electrician, under the guidance of TP Singh, secretary of the society.

Ravana dahan at Ganpati Apartments


Aikotan Kalibari O Seva Samiti concluded its Durga Puja celebrations in Dwarka Sector 4 with Dashami on October 11. 

The puja turned out to be a huge crowdpuller, with hundreds of visitors attending its cultural events, in which many renowned artists of West Bengal participated. 

President of Aikotan, SK Ghosh, said, "People from various societies make up Aikotan. We are like a family. We also celebrate Kali puja and Sarswati puja."


A woman's best friend? Definitely a camera


No puja is complete without 'khichudi' as bhog


Here are some snaps from two other Dwarka pujas:


Deepanwita Cultural Association: Bangla band Chandrabindu wowed the crowd with its soul-stirring numbers


Agomoni: Every Bengali's Achilles' heel — phuchka!