Mayfair Residency: Resident are forced not to protest in the society
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Mayfair Residency: Resident are forced not to protest in the society

Residents shared that they are forced not to post on Twitter and not to protest

Mayfair Residency: Resident are forced not to protest in the society

Greater Noida: Residents of the Mayfair residency, a group housing  society in Greater Noida West are worried as the builder of the  society is not providing basic amenities in the society. On February  4, 2022, residents hung the protest banners on their balconies and  have decided to stage a protest in the society premises on Sunday,  February 6, 2022. However, it was cancelled due to some conflicts  between the residents and the builder.

Residents shared that they are forced not to post on Twitter and not  to protest and hang banners in the society premises. Prateet Baijal, a  resident of the society says, “we are being targeted by the builder.  The builder is forced to do not to stage a protest in the society. I  have already given a written statement in front of ACP Noida Yogender  Singh that I and my mother have a threat to life from the builder if  any mishap will happen to us builder would be liable.”

As per the residents, the above things are hindering their right to  freedom of speech and expression. This time residents of the society  shared a post on Facebook, “s it wrong to fight for your rights is it  wrong to ask for services from the builder for which we have lakhs of  our hard-earned money. There are no services in the society no grid no  STP nothing but still, possession was offered to buyers of tower ABCD  of Mayfair Residency. The protest was started in this society tweets  were being made. But, Two residents who were protesting strongly and  knew the loopholes and corruption done by builders are now being  forced to stop Dharna tweets on Twitter etc.”

The society has 12 towers, out of which, eight towers are still under  construction. Around 70 families are presently living in towers A, B,  C and D. Residents demand basic amenities such as proper internal  roads and the electricity grid in society. They shared that the  condition of the basement is getting worse. The water supply in  society is unhealthy and there is no Sewage Treatment Plant.

Vivek Rastogi, another resident of the society shared that the  residents are only demanding the Electricity grid, Proper roads, lifts  in the society. However, they were deprived of all the basic  amenities. As per residents, they are not demanding for the swimming  pool, clubhouse or any luxurious facilities in the society.

Vivek Rastogi says, “I lost my mother just after the 2 months of  shifting in this society and the reason is the only single lift in the  society. I called an ambulance and theta re not able to take the  stretcher to my floor as the lift is too small but somehow ambulance  people managed to get her down but so much time was wasted that she  was declared brought dead by the time she reached the hospital. After  this incident, I raised many questions in front of the builder.  However, no action was taken by them.”

He added, “Then in September 2020, I got an electricity bill with  wrong readings. I immediately mail it to the builder with photographs.  However, he didn’t reply to my mail and now he asking about 3 lakhs of  interest on that electricity bill. When i took possession in this  society, my flat was not painted, there was no wooden work in my flat,  which was supposed to be done by the builder but he didn’t. I spent  about 1,5 lakhs rupees to complete all works, now I am asking interest  on all of them. There is no basic facilities in the society, security  systems are equal to zero, and they are demanding maintenance amount  from us.”

Residents allege that the sewage water is dumped into the basement.  The leakage from the pipe and seepage from the pillars of the basement  have made the structure's foundation weak. The residents have also  been demanding the construction of the boundary wall of the society as  soon as possible. According to them, the construction work of the  boundary wall is going on for the last two months but it is still not  completed. Society is in under construction for the last 11 years, on  this subject frustrated residents says that the society will not  complete even after 25 years.

Residents from other societies came forward to help residents and  shared a post on Twitter, “Requesting All to extend help ASAP & take  care of @AoA_mayfair Residents who are forced to live without  facilities for a long.”