Residents of Noida and GreNo West demand structural audit
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Residents of Noida and GreNo West demand structural audit

Several highrises in Noida are facing the issue of seepage

Residents of Noida and GreNo West demand structural audit

The roof of Chintels Paradiso, a residential high-rise in Gurgaon's Sector 109 collapsed on Thursday night in an apartment of the 18-floor. The incident allegedly cost two lives and left several other injured. The incident has left the residents of high rise societies worried and frightened about the construction quality of their high rise societies. They are calling for the structural audits of their highrise societies by the respective authorities.

CitySpidey talked to the residents of highrise society in Noida and Greater Noida. Manish Kumar, Senior Vice president of Noida Extension Flat Owner Welfare Association (NEFOWA) says, “For many years, we have been demanding for the structural audit of high rise societies in Noda Extension. However, the issue has not been addressed. The residents of the societies are living in fear. The incidents of plaster falling are not uncommon in the high rises of Noida as well. As per the Noida Authority CEO, AOA is responsible for the structural audit. However, the authority passed the structural certificate before the construction of the society, so how is it a responsibility of AOA?”

He further says, “CEO, Greater Noida had talked about the banning of the structural safety certificate of Jamia and bringing IIT or CBRE on the panel and re-examining the projects with Jamia's certificates. No action has been taken as far. We are waiting for the response of the authority.”

NEFOWA also shared a tweet,

Several highrises in Noida are facing the issue of seepage, due which, residents are raising the question of how it will affect the structure of the buildings. Arnimesh Kumar, President of Aishwaryam society says, “The seepage from the basements pillars is a common issue and we are worried that it will affect the foundation of the building. The structural audit should be done by the Greater Noida  Authority and the safety of the residents should be taken care of.”

Rajiva Singh, President of NOFFA says, “Homebuyers spend their hard-earned money and life savings to buy a home. Within a few years, the building starts to have issues like seepage. The plasters from different places starts to peel of, poor quality of sanitary and electrical fittings, paint etc become a bane for a home buyer. This actually exposes serious gaps between what the developer promised and what Noida authority audited & and in the end, what the home buyer receives. This also threatens to the credibility of the Occupation Certificate issued by the administration.”

He further says, “Also RERA needs to have the more proactive role for quality audits for high rise structures. GBN is in a seismic zone 4/5.  Structural audits, quality of concrete used and other quality control become very essential. Only such audits can provide a peaceful living for a family in a high rise apartment.”

Puneet, President of ADITYA celebrity homes says, “We strongly urge Noida Authority and the state government to take proper measures. Structural audits are a must. A lot of revision in existing guidelines is also required.”