Valentine's Day- A love story from a different generation
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Valentine's Day- A love story from a different generation

Rajendra, along with his brother and a friend reached her place at 5.30 pm

Valentine's Day- A love story from a different generation

The following story is a replug on account of Valentine'Day 2022.

New Delhi: He was working at his table when he saw the time on his wristwatch, his eyes sprang out in astonishment at how late he was to go see a girl, who he didn’t know was going to be ‘the girl’ for him.

On the other end, she sat at her desk comfortably reading typed lines of a document she had just finished working on and was about to leave to meet a guy. 

Rajendra, along with his brother and a friend reached her place at 5.30 pm. Shashi’s family was waiting for him. He sat and Shashi was called upon. She came in casually without even a hint of shyness. Once introduced, everyone present there understood that she was not the usual girl who would shy away from the guy who came to see her.

She remained quiet for some time. The usual tea offering was done by Rajendra's brother instead of Shashi. 

They talked about their interests, shared their knowledge and all the general stuff. By the end of the meeting, Rajendra was super impressed by her intelligence and the same could be said for Shashi. September of 1980 had been their month.

And like it is said.. “jab miyan biwi raazi to kya karega quazi” they were scheduled to get married in March, 1981.

The months from September to March were spent talking over phone, writing letters to one another, going out for movies (of course with a third wheel), however a sudden death in Rajendra’s family pushed the wedding two months further and finally on June 24, 1981, they tied the knot.

Shashi was welcomed in a joint family of 17 people. Never in her life, she held a knife or cut vegetables. She then started to learn about cooking for the whole family.

She was the only working woman in the family and hence she enjoyed liberties that no other female enjoyed. As time passed, she became her father-in-law’s favourite. He would talk to Shashi like he never talked to any other members of the family.

Edibles like bread had not been seen in the Jain household ever. But it had now entered their kitchen for that was the only thing Shashi liked to have for breakfast.

Their life was full of happiness and it became happier when Shashi became pregnant. The pregnancy went well untill the 8th month when she was admitted in the hospital. Rajendra made a habit to visit her every evening. The nurses would happily announce him in her room saying, “Shashi, your boyfriend has come to see you.”  

Their life became grand with the entry of their beautiful angelic daughter whom Rajendra called Charu. The new entrant or as we may call her Rajendra’s replica was welcomed by all in grand manner. She was the center of everybody’s universe.

Years passed and Charu got her own personal toy in the form of a baby sister, Noopur.

All those years only strengthened Shashi and Rajendra’s bond. Work, family and their individual careers never faded away the love they had for each other. It only became stronger with each passing moment. Their common interests made it even easier. 

They always kept their promises which they never uttered. Even after 39 years of marriage, people would still refuse to believe that theirs was an arranged marriage. In few of their social circles, people believed that they had a love marriage.

Such is their love for each other, fresh, strong and never-ending. They have been and will remain each other’s VALENTINE.