Mayfair Residency: Homebuyers protest for the 29th week
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Mayfair Residency: Homebuyers protest for the 29th week

Homebuyers are struggling to get their flats for the last 11 years

Mayfair Residency: Homebuyers protest for the 29th week

Residents of the Mayfair Residency, a highrise group housing society in Greater Noida staged a protest against the builder in the society premises on February 13, 2022, to demand basic amenities in the society. Nearly 100 residents and homebuyers gathered at the maintenance office of the society. Moreover, this was the 29th weekend of ongoing protests.

This project started in 2009-10. However, it is still not completed yet. The society has 12 towers, out of which, eight towers are still under construction. Around 70 families are presently living in towers A, B,  C and D. Residents are fighting for basic facilities such as electricity, water and security more.

Residents alleged that the sewage water is dumped into the basement. Leakage from the pipe and seepage from the pillars of the basement have made the structure's foundation weak. The residents have also been demanding the construction of the boundary wall for the last four months which is still pending.

Moreover, as per residents, many homebuyers are waiting to get a house since 2009-10. Residents shared that many buyers have also passed away in the hope of the house.

Residents shared a tweet,

Pawan Pandey, a resident of the society says, “We all are living in the society, which has been under construction for the last 11 years and it may take another 11 years to complete the society. This time, residents joined the protest with the homebuyers who did not get their flats in this society.”

On February 4, 2022, residents hung protest banners on their balconies and have decided to stage a protest on the society premises. Residents have also alleged that they are intimidated by the builder who asked them not to tweet or stage protests.

Another resident, Prateet Kumar says, “By this time, home buyers are so angry, it has been more than 11 years and still, they are struggling to get their flats. The residents of the society are only demanding basic amenities in the society. It is time that our woes are answered."