Finding true love against all odds
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Finding true love against all odds

Who would have thought characters like Geet and Aditya from the Jab We Met movie can actually exist

Finding true love against all odds

Who would have thought characters like Geet and Aditya from the Jab We  Met movie can actually exist in real life? 26-year-old Nupur is a cheerful,  straightforward, and fun-loving girl. She is happy, talkative and adventurous just like Geet. Back then in 2012, she was all set to rock her friend’s birthday party after her school, little knowing that in that cafe she was about to meet the love of her life. Nupur was in class 11th when she met Amit who is just like Aditya, understanding and mature but yes more of an extrovert. He was in the last year of B.Tech from Bangalore.

Nupur and Amit Habitech are today living a happy married life at Panchtatva, Noida Extension. Their love story began some 10 years ago.

Their conversation was initiated at the first meeting at the cafe. After a few days Nupur happen to accompany her friend who was on her way to see off Amit at Nizamuddin Railway station. The two met here again. this time they ended up exchanging their phone numbers just when Amit was about to board his train to Bangalore. Soon they started conversing on the phone. Often Amit would share his ongoing love affairs with Nupur. These conversations slowly brought them closer, emotionally. Eventually, one fine day, Amit proposed to Nupur on the phone. They remember the day clearly, November 21st in 2012.

We all have heard “Ishq aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai.” As if to make the love story a bit more interesting, Nupur did not accept the proposal. But Amit did not give up and continued to press his case. It was February 15, 2013, when Nupur finally relented.

They dated each other for six years and then reality struck. Nupur shared “We both belong to different castes. It seemed next to impossible that our parents would agree to our match. My fear soon became too real when my father, as expected, refused to accept Amit.” Another bottleneck was the fact that Amit only had a private job (even though in a top-level company) and my father wanted to me to marry a person with a stable government job.

“We broke up and did not talk to each other for more than a year. Somehow during that separation, our feelings for each other grew deeper. Amit once told me to meet him for the last time when he was trying his luck in a government job.” she added.

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“Amit worked hard and he gave exams five times. In the end, when he met me for the last time he also got a government job and I got some hope. Then I insisted my father meet him once and think about his decision again.”

“My father is very strict, he started to examine my husband as he did not believe that Amit is a government employee even after looking at his  I card. He used to visit his branch sometimes like a customer,  sometimes to pass a book entry just to check if he is telling the truth."
With time their parents accepted them with a heart full of love. Finally, on the same day when Amit had proposed 6 years before, they got married. Nupur expressed “The best thing is even after knowing my partner for  10 years the spark has not faded away because we are bonded with friendship. I hope it stays between us forever. I'm still always eager to know his reaction on any specific issues.”

Love has a different language for everyone and here is what Nupur and  Amit think about it. “According to me, love is essentially about caring and understanding. He is like a whole family to me, he can guide me like my father, school me like my mother, enjoy being with me as my sister and brother and share everything like a friend. When we  are together we feel complete.”