Panchsheel Greens 2: Builder's unresponsiveness irks residents
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Panchsheel Greens 2: Builder's unresponsiveness irks residents

Residents have decided not to pay any maintenance charges until their issues are resolved

Panchsheel Greens 2: Builder's unresponsiveness irks residents

The residents of Panchsheel Greens 2 gathered at the maintenance office of the society on Sunday, February 13, 2022, for a proposed and promised meeting with maintenance head Arun Dhiman to discuss the lack of basic amenities. He did not show up and thereafter, residents protested against the unresponsiveness from the builder and the maintenance team.

As per the residents, this is not the first time that such a meeting was planned but could not become a reality as the maintenance team failed to appear.

Residents have been living in the society for the last 4 years. Residents shared that they have already been told about this meeting four times in the last year. However, the maintenance head never shows up. The main reason for this meeting is the longstanding resident demands for better facilities.

Residents shared that they are deprived of the basic amenities such as intercom, fire safety equipment, security of the society, parking facilities, good internet among others in the society.

Ravi Sharma, a resident of the society says, "There is no communication from the Maintenance General Manager. The residents of the society have been fighting for basic facilities for a long time. Last year near Diwali, there was a meeting between Santosh Kumar, OSD Greater Noida Authority and the builders and residents. The builder shared that he will complete the pending works within 2 months but no action has been taken so far." They added that they have raised their concerns with the builder time and again through email but still await a reply from the builder.

Residents also informed CitySpidey that last year before Diwali, the residents and the builders had arrived at a conclusion. It was decided that the residents will pay the pending maintenance dues and the builder will provide the services. However, residents allege that despite clearing all dues, the builder did not resolve their issues and the services that were demanded are still pending.

Moreover, the alleged unresponsive attitude of the builder has left the residents musing over ways to press home their demands. As a result of these events, the residents shared that they have now decided not to pay any maintenance charges until the builder talks to them and resolves all their issues.

R.Paliwal (65), another resident of the society says, “In highrise society, lifts, electricity, water, and security come under basic facilities. We have these facilities but all of them are third grade. The number of workers and guards is not enough. Moreover, in our society, a majority of residents are from IT backgrounds and depend on a good internet connection, something which is missing here. This makes working from home a difficult proposition for them."

Anuj Chaudhary, the builder of the society says, “The residents did not inform us about the meeting. We sent a mail to the residents demanding the maintenance charges, this is why they are protesting. We need the money to start services in society. Many of the residents have more than one car and we have only one parking per flat. That makes things difficult for us and what can we do about it. We are giving all services for the past 2 years from our pocket without getting any maintenance charges. Now we need the money to provide better services.”