Schools opened, kids excited, parents worried?
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Schools opened, kids excited, parents worried?

See what Dwarka parents, students and teachers feel about schools reopening

Schools opened, kids excited, parents worried?

The era of online classes seems to coming to an end as Delhi schools reopened for Nursery to Class 8 from Monday, February 14, 2022, while offline school for classes 9 to 12 resumed on February7, 2022. However, parents and students have a mixed reaction on the matter. While some were waiting for the reopening of the schools, others are still skeptical about attending classes physically.

CitySpidey talked to Dwarka parents, students, and teachers, and here is what they feel about the new guidelines.

Vikram Banerjee, a teacher in Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka, says, "Students feel more connected in offline classes, they grasp more when they interact. I am a science teacher, and for my subject, I have been able to engage my students even in online classes by demonstrating things practically. But the students learn more when they see things for themselves. We are okay with what the management decides, they collectively would take the right decision. We all need to maintain safety by taking necessary precautions. My students are excited to join back the offline mode, perhaps because they can interact not only with their teachers but their fellow peers as well."

Aditya Gupta, a class 5 student at Vishwa Bharati Public School, Dwarka, says, "I'm happy as the schools are reopening and I'll get to meet my friends. We have been asked to wear masks and carry sanitisers. I'm excited but now again I have to wake up at 6:30 am to reach school. That is the only downside."

Reena Konar, a mother of two says, “After the recent reopening of schools several parents had come to schools to see off their children. My child was in class 2 when COVID-19 started and now he is in class 5. Covid has impacted studies and it is good that schools are reopening. I hope students stay safe and study well, I'm glad he's getting to attend school in person, not online."

Dr Namita Sharma, Principal of Queens Valley, Dwarka, says, “We have to learn to live with Covid. When everything is opening, why not schools? From Monday, onwards we started our school in offline mode and I’m happy that in junior wings, 45 % of students turned up and today 55 % were present. The best part is our kids are excited to come back to school.”

She further says, “Kids are so smart that they know the importance of sanitizing and wearing masks, and it is only natural. Something feels incomplete without the masks now. As per the guidelines, the school should reopen and students should re-live school life and explore. Most importantly, classes will be started and connect them back to studies."

Nidhi Gupta, a mother and Dwarka resident, says, “Life should return to normalcy. Since the Covid-19 and its variants are said to be here to stay, it is already causing psychological and physical problems in children. There was no untoward happening or drastic effect observed among children during all 3 waves of the virus. They have survived three waves, they are going to be okay. Children have in-born immunity. I think the children should be given a chance to go out now instead of keeping them indoors."

She further says, "It is high time we let children interact with friends, go to the classroom, do practicals in labs. We should create a happy and free environment for their effective learning. Education has already suffered, virtual classes have affected eyes, posture, health. It's time to act more wisely and scientifically. Hence, we have a clear analysis. It's time to open eyes to the truth.”

Jyoti Jain, the 11th class student, says, “We have returned to school after a long time. For the first time in two years, there is a sense of optimism that we will be able to spend the remaining days of our school life in our classrooms. Online classes can never match the charm of a physical class, where we get to interact and share our experiences with our friends and teachers in a free, uninhibited manner.”

Sunaina Dhar, a teacher, says, “Every other country has opened schools and I agree with this decision to reopen schools. Now with vaccination kickstarting for the age group of 15-18, we foresee vaccination for kids. Preferably till that time, a major chunk of the adult population would have also received their booster shot. We haven't bent down in front of this pandemic and we still won't. It is important for our leaders to utilise the full potential of this quality of resilience, the nation has displayed during these two years. It will indeed be an inspirational lesson to our coming future generations."

However, not everyone is happy with this decision. People are still concerned for their children and have their doubts.

Umesh Kumar, a father of two and Dwarka resident, says, “I don’t see a point of opening schools right now. The exams are still being conducted online and students will be inside home again. So, it’s better to wait for this month and then start school with the new session when it will be fully open.”

Piyush Sahai, a father and resident of Dwarka Sector 14, says, “Opening schools will further spread infections. Even many teachers are not in favour of reopening schools. As far as online classes are concerned, they are going smoothly in urban areas. In some rural areas, the government is providing facilities like internet connection, tabs, mobiles and TVs for online learning. The government should not rush into opening schools. Maybe, till the 8th standard they can promote students, for classes 10 and 12, they can opt for online exams and for students of classes 9 and 11, they can take oral exams.”

Sujatha Singh, a mother, says, “I think it is difficult for small children to understand the rules of social distancing. After a long gap when they go to school, they are more excited to play in the playgrounds with their peers. Plus there’s the strain of Covid-19 that is dangerous. I have discussed this with pediatricians and general practitioners, they said this is going to spread faster than the previous one. Keeping all these things in mind, the safety of children is important for us parents. They have already opened classes for higher classes and so many Covid-positive cases are already coming up. Schools are not prepared for this situation. Most of the private schools are working virtually. The government should collect data from schools regarding how many people are getting affected and then decide on what best they can do.

Aparajita Gautam, President of, Delhi Parents Association said, “I am not in favour of this decision taken by DDMA as some parents are still scared to send their kids to school because of Covid-19. Kids fall-in non-vaccinated groups and it is important to keep their safety in mind.”

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