Visit these gardens in Delhi to enjoy the spring bloom
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Visit these gardens in Delhi to enjoy the spring bloom

This spring, treat your eyes to a beautiful view of flowers

Visit these gardens in Delhi to enjoy the spring bloom

The chilly Winter winds are finally waving goodbye and the sunny balmy sunshine has started to take over. It's that time of year when Delhi is covered in blooming, colourful flowers and lush greens. With gorgeous weather and clear blue skies, Delhi shines in the spring months (from February to April). Moreover, with Covid restrictions relaxing in the capital, it is the perfect time to welcome Spring.

This spring, treat your eyes to a beautiful view of these gardens where you easily spot a wide variety of flowers-

The Garden of Five senses
Like the many gardens that ornate the capital city, this student-favourite spot in Saket is at its most beautiful during the short spring season. Strolling through the growing parks, you can appreciate vivid and vibrantly coloured flowers, which will seem like a breath of fresh air!

DDA Park, Sector 11, Dwarka

A beautiful park located near Sector 11, Dwarka is blooming with flowers with the arrival of the spring season. One of the best parks in Dwarka, this park is full of greenery. The parks are well maintained, the swings and other recreational activities for kids and adults are also built here for the ease of the residents. It's the best place to enjoy the spring season and to have a good time with your near and dear ones.

Lodhi Garden
The Indian spring, however brief it may be, is a breathtaking sight to behold, and a visit to the Lodhi Gardens to see the beginner buds transform into lovely, youthful blooms is a must. This place's entire ambience and atmosphere will make you swoon and giddy on the inside!

Shanti Path


Shanti path is always surrounded by beautiful flowers around this time of the year. Visit the Shanti Path and absorb the loveliness of blooms at the place; tulips, roses, dwarf salvias, pansies, petunias, hollyhocks, and dianthus are all in their early bloom stages, and here's where you can catch these multihued flowers

Mughal Garden
It is again that time of the year when all the gates of Rashtrapati Bhawan have opened their gates for the public to cherish the beauty of the Mughal garden. Mughal garden is Delhi's best garden in terms of flowers and greenery. You have to book a ticket to visit this place.

Sunder Nursery

Sunder Nursery is a good place to visit in any season but particularly during this season as the park is fully bloomed in all colourful flora. The sights are just fantastic and out of the world, perfect for those Sunday brunches with the fam and taking the best Instagram-able pics. Sunder Nursery covers 90 acres and houses over 300 plant species and over 80 kinds of birds. This heritage park is a haven for all the nature lovers in town.

Buddha Garden

On an island in this park, there is a lovely Buddha statue. There is also a second medicinal garden in this garden. You'll find shrubs, herbs, and plants that can be used for therapeutic purposes here. There's also a Palm Garden, Rose Garden, and Bougainvillea Garden.

There are up to 25 different varieties of rose in the Rose Garden. This garden features an open area with a lush green lawn, vibrant flowering plants, and lovely topiaries. Hedgerows and floral gardens are two examples of this.

Nehru Park

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Situated in Delhi's embassy area, this park is very well maintained. This is a park that has an area of 85 acres. Nehru Park is a landmark place in Delhi. You can hang out in this park during the sunny winter afternoons. The park boasts of a beautiful collection of flowers. Here you will find a separate corner for different kinds of roses.

Japanese Garden
Swarn Jayanti Park is another name for this garden.  Japanese Park is a newly built beautiful park in Delhi's Rohini neighbourhood. This area is a green stretch, with well-kept walking pathways and lakes. You will also find some colourful boats here. There is also a flower festival held in this park during the spring season is an additional reason to visit this famous picnic spot.