Mobile petrol pump at your doorstep
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Mobile petrol pump at your doorstep

The BETA Mobile Petrol Pump is arriving in the city of Haryana, Gurgaon on February 18, 2022.

Mobile petrol pump at your doorstep

Gurugram: Repos Energy, the pioneer in fuel energy distribution, has announced the launch of Repos 2.0, BETA Mobile Petrol Pumps. The new revolutionary mobile petrol pump will enable corporates and  individuals access to a smaller quantity of fuel delivery for  commercial purposes. To give interested stakeholders the real-time  experience, look, and feel, the startup is doing a roadshow across the country. This nationwide campaign began in December 2021. The BETA  Mobile Petrol Pump is arriving in the city of Haryana, Gurugram on  February 18, 2022.

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The Ratan Tata-backed Repos will introduce BETA in the city to give real-time experience to prospective customers. BETA will be displayed at various petrol pump outlets across the city.

The BETA Mobile Petrol Pump is a strategically built model catering to everyone’s needs, be it existing or new petrol pump owners. This will help the existing petrol pump dealers to increase their own business with a minimum investment, as they will now be able to extend their  reach and cater to the high rising demands across all sectors at a  faster pace.

Chetan Walunj, co-founder, of Repos Energy says, “We are excited about getting on to the next level of growth in our journey so far. There is  going to be a growing demand for fuels in the coming years, and we  need to be prepared with efficient delivery services preventing  wastage and it is monitored and systematic at the same time.”

He adds, “The BETA model is the culmination of countless hours of our  effort, dedication, and investment in building a robust framework in  all aspects, and we have done a lot to ensure that the organization  has built a solid base and it is now time for an energy distribution  revolution.”

The launch of Repos BETA Mobile Petrol Pumps means getting access to  Doorstep Diesel Delivery at a click. An order can be placed via the  Repos App as per the specific requirement of the customer. This revolutionary service is convenient, user-friendly, and ensures the  efficiency of fuel distribution and sustainability.