Trendy and stylish- Nail Art trends 2022
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Trendy and stylish- Nail Art trends 2022

This Nail art trend is a fun way to spice up your style

Trendy and stylish- Nail Art trends 2022

For many of us, getting a manicure is a self-care write-off. It takes time and money, yes, but there's just something about carrying around nice fingernails (insert your adjective of choice: long, rounded, neutral, bright) that makes the hard things in life feel just a teeny bit easier.

Of course, you can always do your nails at home. Grab a polish bottle or a box of press-on and the glue they come with. But nothing can replace the full value of a salon manicure, especially if you're looking to have it all handled: shaping, gel extensions, acrylic nails, french and many more in 2022 nail art.

Check out the most exciting nail art trends from 2022-

Embellished French

Embellished French manicures are everywhere right now. Think of it as a typical French manicure, perhaps in a fun colour, with some other design element accompanying it. This trend is a fun way to spice up an otherwise-ordinary nail look.

Bright Swirl

Credit: fab mood

We believe the swirl nail art trend will continue to be popular throughout 2022. It's fun and versatile: it can either be muted, with earth-tone colours or fun if done with bright, vibrant colours. Depending on the colours you use, this trend can be flaunted in any season.

Combo Art


The combo of different art on every nail is big! We will see a lot of fun colours and pattern combos, whether it be with nail decals, press-on, or hand-painted art, all in the same manicure. The options are endless, which allows people to let loose with their creativity.

Powdery Pastel

Credit: Pinterest

Pastels are always a spring staple, but this season’s crop is even softer and more ethereal than the usual shades.

Two-Toned French

Credit: Pinterest

A two-toned French manicure is an easy way to step up a nail your nail game and take it to the next level! It's so versatile, you can pair it with almost any colour.

3D Nail Art

Credit: Poted Magazine

Nail art designs with 3D accents will be more popular this year because they just add that much more pazazz to your nail look. From nail hoops and chains to rhinestones and mirror work, you can go all out to elevate your manicured nails.

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