5 exercises to train your elderly brain
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5 exercises to train your elderly brain

With age, the mental ability to remember starts depleting

5 exercises to train your elderly brain

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of mindful living habits, healthy consumption and daily exercise. However, we primarily focus on our physical health and forget about mental wellbeing without realizing that it is equally important. Just like our body needs exercise, our brain needs some exercises too.

With age, the mental ability to remember starts depleting and brain's strength reduces which affects the muscles of the brain. To maintain the health of the brains of seniors elderly, here are 5 exercises-

Word games for seniors: Word games are different from memory games. It lets the player think outside the box. Any kind of word game is great for strengthening mental ability to hold memory.

Thoughtful Conversations: Conversations are helpful in every scenario. Practising an open minded conversation with critical thinking helps to stimulate new brain cells and feels fresh. Thoughtful talk is necessary for elderly to rebuild their confidence & motivation towards mindful thinking.

Logic Puzzles Riddles: Logic puzzles improves mental ability of the elderly by making them find solutions by using the given information. Connecting recognizable patterns and remembering what information the puzzles are all great ways to  maintain your cognitive abilities.

Language Classes: Learning different languages plays a major role in improving the learning ability, especially in old age. It is an amazing way for seniors to practice their language skills to improve critical thinking and their memory. In fact, practising languages is even said to help deter dementia in the elderly.

Art Classes: Art is a wonderful escape. It lets you express what is inside you in a manner that practises hand-eye coordination and encourages a happier mood. Doing activities like watercolour painting  helps to achieve self-reflection and let the emotions out. All of these benefits help keep your mind sharpened and your cognitive abilities strong.