Collection begins for Greater Noida's first C&D Waste Plant
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Collection begins for Greater Noida's first C&D Waste Plant

A helpline number 9315906083 has been issued for lifting construction waste in Greater Noida.

Collection begins for Greater Noida's first C&D Waste Plant

Greater Noida:  Greater Noida Authority is set to build the city's first C&D (construction and demolition) Waste Plant in Sector Ecotech III. The plant, constructed under the instruction of CEO Narendra Bhushan will convert waste into tiles. The work for the collection of construction and demolition from different sectors of Noida has already started. The construction work on this started last year in December 2021. It is estimated that the construction of the C&D plant will be completed in about 18 months.

In this C&D waste plant, debris will be processed to make tiles. It is being built as a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model. The Authority has started lifting construction debris from the sectors of Greater Noida. So far, construction and demolition material waste has been lifted from more than 35 sectors to the under-construction processing plant at Ecotech III.

The iron from this debris will be separated and recycled, while the dust will be used to fill potholes and build roads. The plant has the capacity to process 100 tonnes of debris per day. The Rise XI company is setting up this plant and collecting the debris. This company is already running the C&D Waste plant in Burari, Delhi.

Moreover, more than 800 tonnes of debris from more than 35 sectors of Greater Noida have been lifted and transported to the processing plant. As per the Greater Noida Authority, the debris has accumulated for a long time. The target is to lift the entire city's construction debris to the site of the processing plant within six months.

10 collection centres are to be set up in Greater Noida to collect C&D waste. Seven of these collection centres are ready in Sector 10, Sector One, Sigma Two, Beta One, Delta Three, Knowledge Park Three, and Ecotech 12. Three more collection centres are to be built.

These three centres will be built in Sector 2, Omicron One and Alpha One. Salil Yadav, Senior Manager, Greater Noida Authority says, “It is not a garbage collection point. There will be no complaint of any kind of smell from this centre. Residents are requested to dump the debris of their homes at this plant so that cleanliness can be maintained.”

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On Wednesday, 23 February 2022, the CEO of Greater Noida Authority, Narendra Bhushan also held a review meeting on the C&D issue, in which it was decided to put the construction debris in the collection centres only. The Authority has warned that if any person dumps the debris in the places again from where the waste has been lifted, then a penalty will also be imposed.

A helpline number has also been issued for lifting construction waste in Greater Noida. The number is 9315906083. Narender Bhushan, CEO of Greater Noida Authority says, “C&D waste is also coming out in large quantities in the rapidly developing Greater Noida. The process could not be done due to the non-availability of plants. For this, it is necessary to build a C&D Waste Plant in the city. With the construction of this, the debris will be processed to make tiles. This will help to make Greater Noida cleaner.”