Alert! These habits are reducing your productivity
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Alert! These habits are reducing your productivity

Such habits can also affect your mental health in the long run

Alert! These habits are reducing your productivity

Mental well-being is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle which is a combination of many mindful habits. A healthy body and mind not only reflect on your face but also boosts your work efficiency. Such habits can also affect your mental health in the long run.

Certain habits when they come under routine can cause unproductive lazy days. Over the years such habits can become the reason for suppressed depression, anxiety or any mental health disorder. So here we bring you, some of the habits that can make your life dull, monotonous and unproductive according to Darius Foroux, an author and expert on productivity, business and wealth building.

Ignoring your health: the way you feel decides the quality of your work. If you are not feeling well, how can you give your best and expect great work? When you eat well, feel good and get proper rest, the work quality ultimately improves.

Saying 'Yes' always: saying no is next to impossible for many people. Especially for the humble ones. When you are afraid to say no, you must be ready to handle the unwelcomed problems. One may not want to let down people around them but always saying yes is not healthy. Learn to understand the need and situations and respect your own boundaries.

Overthinking: You may experience no disturbance in between your work hours for straight 12-13 hours but some days you may struggle to focus. Worrying and overthinking about any event will not take you anywhere, instead of finding a solution to relax can help you. Overthinking also gives birth to anxiety and restlessness.

Stubbornness: Many times we are adamant to stick to our views. This way we can not see beyond and lock all the doors of knowledge. Listening and understanding someone improves the chances of being a nice human with great information.

Not having enough sleep: Burning the midnight oil is in trend but let’s understand why sleeping at night for proper hours is important. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, proper sleep helps to heal and repair the heart and blood vessels. It also helps to align the body’s system with the environment. When you do not take proper sleep at night it can result in diabetes, heart disease and lifestyle misbalance.

However, nothing is lost if you try. Here is a guide on how you can improve your productivity according to an article written by career coach Ashley Stahl in Forbes magazine:

Set small goals- This will motivate you to move ahead with joy. When all your smaller tasks will be completed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. This will increase your productivity.

Take breaks: We think working for longer periods is beneficial, but excess of anything is bad. In such a case, your body gets tired and efficiency slows down. Instead, go for a little break and do some stretching, enjoy your food or simply take a power nap.

Stop multitasking- If you can not handle stress some days. Go one by one to perform the task with full focus and give outstanding results.

Be calm, composed and relaxed- Do not be harsh on yourself. If some days do not feel right give yourself some time and come back with full power. Encounter the issue whether it is physical, emotional, or mental, and find a cure for it.

Write things down: Making plans and noting them down on planners or anywhere else make it easier. Once you bring things on paper it helps to remind you of things easily and go plan-wise. It helps save time and inspires you to be on your track.