Noida Authority to draft new structural audit policy
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Noida Authority to draft new structural audit policy

The draft will be presented by the Noida Authority in the next board meeting

Noida Authority to draft new structural audit policy

The Noida Authority has decided to draft the new structural audit policy for the group housing highrise societies in Noida. This will be done by making amendments to the existing audit policy. The draft will be presented by the Noida Authority in the next board meeting.

The Authority will examine how the structural safety of highrise buildings can be improved further with the help of experts, to strengthen the structure of high rise housing societies in Noida.

After the building collapse incident at Chintels Paradiso society in Gurugram sector 109 (where two women were killed), residents of group housing highrise society in Noida are demanding a structural audit.

NOFAA (Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations) shared that the life of a highrise building is around 60 to 70 years. Possibly comparable to one life span of a human generation. This means that whatever is constructed by the developer should last for at least the next 60 to 70 years and there should be no damage to the structure in these years.

Brajesh Sharma, a resident of Antriksh Golf View II says, “Generally IIT Roorkee gave the concurrence to the structure of new buildings. However, mostly builders increase the floors of the towers, after the concurrence of respective agencies. So there should be transparency between the authority and the agency, to strengthen the structure of the society.”

Rajiva Singh, NOFAA President says, "We understand that certain damage can happen because of unforeseen climatic/ atmospheric conditions. However, this is valid for electrical fittings, pipelines, and sanitary fittings among others, but not for the structure. Such unforeseen maintenance issues can be covered with maintenance/sinking funds. However, if the developer is not doing justice to his job and providing an unsteady building, the life spans and costing of the highrise apartment needs to be redefined."

He adds, "This would help the homebuyer to plan his / her investments accordingly. The purchase deed needs to define the lifespan of a highrise structure, and any damage before completion of the life span should be the responsibility of the developer or the authority. The Authority must ensure this because they are responsible for approvals of designs, structure, safety, building construction code, CC, OC.

NOFAA and residents of Noida share that if a proper structural and construction quality audit is carried out by the Authority during the construction phase and final audit before handing it over to the buyer, no further audits should be required for the next 60 years. Though exceptions can be considered due to certain unforeseen circumstances.

The residents of highrise societies have raised the question, 'why should home buyers suffer because of the incompetency of the system?'. As per residents, the majority of home buyers invest their hard-earned savings in a home.  In unfortunate cases, where the quality of construction and structure quality has been compromised because of the developer's negligence, who compensates the buyers, they ask.

On the subject of the new structural audit policy, Rajiva says, "We do understand that there could be a damage control exercise from the Authority by forming a new structural audit policy. But would that bring about any substantial change when buyer's representation has still not been considered while framing the policy is still a question?"

Puneet, President of ADITYA celebrity homes says, “We strongly urge Noida Authority and the state government to take proper measures for structural audits in all societies. A lot of revision in existing guidelines is required.”