Noida Authority takes stalk of public infrastructure and finds many faults
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Noida Authority takes stalk of public infrastructure and finds many faults

CEO Ritu Maheshwari visited the city and gave directions for improving public infrastructure

Noida Authority takes stalk of public infrastructure and finds many faults

Noida Chief Executive Officer Ritu Maheshwari visited the city and gave many directions for improving the state of public infrastructure in Noida. Civil, horticulture and electrical departments concerned have been directed to complete all the works by March 20, 2022. The walk was aimed to see the level of cleanliness and sanity in the city and to check the condition of public facilities such as roads, green belts, and underpasses.

During this tour, Ritu Maheshwari, CEO, Noida Authority saw that the signboards, common walls, road dividers, central verges, side verges and foot-over bridges all over the city are full of posters, pamphlets and various types of promotional materials have been stuck on them.

Thereafter, she gave an order to take action against those institutions, persons or establishments engaging in illegal publicity. According to the order, such illegal campaigners will be fined. If this much does not control them and they continue doing unauthorized publicity, then the FIR will be lodged on the allegation of damage to government property.

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“I have seen that publicity material is fixed on common walls, boards or anything. I have ordered them to get whitewashed instantly. Once that is done, attractive artworks should be made on the walls with the help of the Resident Welfare Association and villagers. Get good messages written on the walls." she said.

The CEO noticed that plants were missing from the green belt along with all the sectors and roads of the city. Illegal slums have been built in the green belt. Many plants have dried up. Orders have been given to plant saplings by March 15 and remove encroachments from green belts. This work will be done by the Deputy Director of the Horticulture Department.

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Apart from this, it was observed that many trees need trimming, as these trees on the side of the roads are creating problems for the car drivers, as they create difficulty in seeing street lights and direction indicators. The CEO has ordered the pruning of trees so that they do not obstruct light on the road.

She noticed that the signboards on the main roads of the city, the internal roads in the middle of the sectors are in poor condition. As a result, residents are not able to read the written information. On this, she has ordered the installation of new signboards. Old signboards will be cleaned. Pamphlets and posters on the board will be removed. So that people walking on the road can read the information easily.

Finally, she visited the ongoing construction at the Advent underpass and dog park in sector 96. She also inspected the progress of the installation of entry gates at the Kalindi Kunj entry point. Meanwhile, Noida Authority has issued a final warning to the company involved in the construction of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway highlighting the delay in the work on the expressway. If the work is not completed by April 30, then a fine of Rs 1 crore will be imposed, said the authority.

Nisha Rai, Secretary NOFAA, Zone 3 and a Social Activist says, "the coordination between the Civil Department, Horticulture Department and Health and Sanitation department is lacking, due to which many kinds of problems appear. Their response time is slow. They are talking about the pruning of trees, after pruning, for cleaning horticulture department will say it is not our work. If it is tile work then work is put on hold that this is the civil department work, then in between departmental coordination is poor, a weekly report of the work circle should be maintained. Earlier their speed was very high to resolve the complaints raised on Twitter which has eventually fallen and has gone down, earlier they used to geotag, now they are not tagging. I strongly recommend that geotagging for all the complaints on Twitter and coordination between all three departments should be there."