Enjoy these guilt free sweet treats
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Enjoy these guilt free sweet treats

Most candies are prepared from a lot of sugar, artificial flavours and fake food dyes

Enjoy these guilt free sweet treats

Candies are beloved choice to satisfy your sweet tooth. however, they are also an unhealthy choice too. Most candies are prepared from a lot of sugar, artificial flavour and fake food dyes that can be harmful for health in the long run. High sugar intake is also directly related to chronic diseases resulting in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, poor insulin balance and disbalance of overall health.

Many experts explain, the more an individual consumes sugar regularly, the more dopamine is released that in response sends a rippling craving and  debilitating desire over the coming weeks for more sweet food.

If you are trying to kick back your sugar craving but still can't resist candies consisting of high sugar, here we bring you some healthy and easy alternatives of candy.

Homemade popsicles: Popsicles are a great choice to quench thirst in summer. Moreover, you do not need to add extra sugar or any artificial ingredients. Homemade popsicles will also get various nutrients and minerals packed in one popsicle. To prepare them, you simply need to blend your choice of fruit with water, juice, or milk. Pour the mixture into popsicle moulds or plastic cups, place a popsicle stick in the centre of each and freeze overnight.

Dried fruit: Dried fruits are dehydrated, which means they are rich in nutrients and sugar, resulting in a more sugary taste and are calorie-denser than fresh fruit. So be aware of consumption and consume less portions. You can get dried fruits easily from shops near you but make sure that packs are not filled with added sugar.

Homemade fruit leather: Homemade fruit leathers are one of the best treats you can enjoy after every meal. They are chewy and sweet. One can use any type of fruit to prepare it. If you are taking some fruit with natural high sugar, do not add extra sugar in it.

Recipe for mango leather :

  • Blend the mangoes in a blender or food processor until smooth.
  • Add some honey and lemon juice and blend a little more.
  • Pour the mixture into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and
  • spread to 1/8–1/4-inch (0.3–0.6-cm) thickness.
  • Bake at 140–170°F (60–77°C) or the lowest temperature on your oven for 4–6 hours.
  • Allow to cool, then remove from the tray.
  • Cut into 1-inch (2.5-cm) strips and wrap with parchment paper before rolling them

Trail mix: Trial mix is a combination of nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruit, and chocolate. This provides you with a lot of fibre, protein, and plant based compounds. Whenever you buy it from outside, it may be prepared with some added sugar. So it is better to prepare it at home. You can mix cashew nuts, almonds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, dark  chocolate, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and whatever you wish to

Strawberries covered in dark chocolate: Another way to reap benefits of dark chocolate is to dip strawberries in melted dark chocolate. Moreover you will get some antioxidants and vitamins with it. That  will help you keep your heart health happy.

So from next time, whenever you will crave for some calories and sugar dense calories try out these healthy alternatives and share your experience in the comment box.