Amrapali Zodiac: Tussle between RWA and shopkeepers over encroachment
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Amrapali Zodiac: Tussle between RWA and shopkeepers over encroachment

As per RWA, the alleged encroachment is a threat to the safety and hampers social distancing

Amrapali Zodiac: Tussle between RWA and shopkeepers over encroachment

Noida: On March 5, 2022, Amrapali Zodiac Social Welfare Association issued a letter for the facility shops located in Amrapali Zodiac Societies, Sector 120 to remove the alleged encroachment. In this letter, all shopkeepers were asked to remove encroachment immediately from the verandahs, stairs and parking areas of the facility shops. Moreover, RWA had warned to cut off power in the shops if encroachments are not removed.

As per Association, shopkeepers in the commercial market of Amrapali Zodiac are using common areas such as staircases and railings for keeping their goods completely flouting the laws applicable. One can see the hanging clothes for selling purposes, food stalls and similar stuff have been placed beyond the yellow line (a line marked outside to outline boundary indicating that no goods should be kept beyond it).

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The RWA argues that such encroachment is an inconvenience for the customers. It is a threat to society as it can aggravate a fire and also hamper social distancing. Such conditions can be alarming in case of an emergency. Therefore, there is a need to remove such encroachments immediately with due attention from authorities.

Joginder Singh, President of Amrapali Zodiac Association, says, “Such encroachments are a safety threat. For this, we have to be stern. It is imperative to follow the norms to maintain everyone's safety."


R.S. Bora, Vice President RWA says, “These shopkeepers of this commercial market are mostly providing the space outside their shops for rents. The main shop runs inside, but there are generally small joints near the doors. This way they have captured the market illegally. They provide space to small vendors and take rent from them. As a result, there is a lot of chaos in the market. When we ask them to remove the encroachment, they start fighting."

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A shopkeeper in the Amarpali Zodiac who wishes to remain anonymous says, “I am against the encroachment, there are shops which are crossing the yellow line. Several clothes and snack shops have captured the market illegally. Such instances are on the increase. If they require extra space, they should purchase another shop.”

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On the other hand, many shopkeepers at Amrapali Zodiac market have denied that there is illegal encroachment and allege that the RWA is blowing the issue out of proportion. The shopkeepers allege that the guards commissioned near the market harass them. Many shopkeepers complain that they are facing electricity and water issues, which should be solved by RWA. Plus, they are facing power cuts from March 6, 2022.

Raju Singh, who has a dry cleaning shop in the Amrapali market and also runs a small snacks corner says, "We have already a huge slump during Covid. If it is a grocery store, it's only natural that some goods will remain outside the shop. On this, the RWA fights with us. They demand extra 10,000 rupees. They always threaten us to cut our power supply." He adds further, "I put these small snacks stall for extra earning. For a corner, we are paying extra PLC (Preferential location charges). If my shop is not stopping anyone's way, how can it be termed as 'encroachment'?!

Singh further complained that despite paying maintenance charges, the sanitation facilities in the market are not enough. Moreover, there is no drinking water facility for the shopkeepers in the market.

Surinder Yadav, a property dealer in the market says, “We have purchased our shop after paying the full amount. The RWA pokes their nose in everything. I have to mend the board of my shop and now if the work will continue for a week, how can I remove the gravel each hour? There is no maintenance, why doesn’t the RWA look into that first."

On the issue of encroachment, Sharad Kant Sharma, SHO, sector 113 says, “Taking actions against the encroachments and the wrongdoers is the responsibility of Noida Authority. Once Noida Authority takes action, we will too."

An official from Noida Authority says, “Whenever anyone sees any kind of encroachment anywhere no matter its sector 120 or anywhere in NOIDA, please click the picture and WhatsApp on 8800203912. Instant action will be taken."