Holi delicacies to try this year
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Holi delicacies to try this year

With the arrival of Holi, it's time for the sweet treat of Gujiya

Holi delicacies to try this year

After all the lockdowns and restrictions amid covid-19, we are somehow are at ease in 2022. So, this festive month, celebrate Holi with these delicious dishes. To make up for the lost time, as the Holi celebration during Covid times was quite insipid, go an extra mile this time around. This Holi prepare a variety of delicacies such as gujiya, malpua, dahi bhalle, and so on.


Credits: Chandravilas

Shakarpara is frequently used as both a snack and a dessert. You can serve them with tea or as a dessert to your guests. They are deep-fried and then dipped in chashni or sugar syrup after being made with simple ingredients like wheat flour and sugar. They have a long shelf life and can be stored in airtight containers for more than a month. You can also use jaggery to make them.

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The festival of Holi is synonymous with Gujiya. With the arrival of Holi, it's time for the sweet treat of Gujiya; as no Holi celebration is complete without Gujiya. It is an essential part of the celebrations. This dessert will remind you of your Holi memories from childhood with delicious stuffings and a crispy outer layer. Fried or baked, this delicacy is one that you need to prepare and share with your friends and family members.


Holi and thandai have always made for a great combination. It is a must-have during Holi. It is made up of milk and spices with saffron for colour and richness. You can add almonds or any other dry fruit. This beverage is sure to make you feel rejuvenated in the spring sun.


Phirni is a thicker version of kheer; it is mainly made of tiny rice. The texture of the phirni is slightly different from kheer. It is soft and creamy. Mostly during Holi, people like to eat it in earthen pots that add up the rich taste. You can add your favourite dry fruits, and a pinch of saffron won't hurt anyone.


Malpua is the thin and scrumptious Indian version of Pancakes dipped in Chashni. Prepared with mawa, paneer and flour, this Indian delicacy is to die for. You can make all sorts of variations by adding Kesar, dry fruits, condensed milk and fresh cream. For people eating Malpua for the first time, you can pour some extra rabdi for heaven, like the taste.


No Indian festival is complete without Rasmalai, and Holi is the same. Creamy delight with delicious chenna, this dessert epitome of sweet goodness. You can add your twists to the delicacy with saffron strands or fruit essence and adorn your dessert table with this aromatic sweet dish.

Dahi Bhalla

Every household has this dish with the perfect blend of curd and seasonings. Served with green chutney or sweet tamarind chutney, this dish is sure to win hearts and completes every meal and parties. Enjoy it after a lively morning in the sun and recharge yourself with this delectable treat.

Bread Pakore

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Crispy from the outside and soft from inside. We are talking about bread pakodas, the favourite Sunday morning breakfast for most households. Made with simple ingredients like besan, onions, spices and bhang, it only takes 20 minutes to fry. Serve with mint chutney and voilaa you are ready with the holiday treats.

Coconut Milk Murukku

Credits: Yummy Yummy Aarthi

Coconut milk murukku is the way to go for the munchies on this auspicious festival. It's crispy, twisty, and unique. Add a new twist to your Holi celebrations with this delectable snack that will quickly become everyone's favourite. This dish, made with coconut milk, rice flour, and urad dal flour, can be made in 30-40 minutes, so don't pass it up.