Dwarka community celebrates Women's Day with 'Women's Empowerment Talk'
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Dwarka community celebrates Women's Day with 'Women's Empowerment Talk'

The discussion started with the first panel on women empowerment: Dynamic and political process

Dwarka community celebrates Women's Day with 'Women's Empowerment Talk'

Dwarka: InnoScale Global foundation hosted 'Women's Empowerment Talk' on International Women's Day with the Dwarka community. It was a talk about women's empowerment and a look into the entrepreneurship spirit that women have capitalized on over the years. Renowned names from the Dwarka community were a part of the panel discussions.

The discussion started with the first panel on women empowerment: Dynamic and political process. The first speaker of this panel was Robin Sharma, president of Dwarka Traders Association and editor at Dwarka Express.

Robin Sharma (with mic in hand)
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He said, "We should treat each other equally in a respectable way. One should always respect and honour women's work at home as well as outside. An equal representation of women in politics is important. I think we need more women in politics and for that, they must be provided with equal opportunities. To generate more awareness, we should always let our sisters, wives and mothers participate in a healthy discussion about politics and listen to their opinions."

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Ramesh Kumar Mumukshu, an eminent RTI activist, environment activist and civil rights activists also talked about women empowerment.

Ramesh Kumar Mumukshu 
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He said, "We, both men and women, should respect all household work and ask children to do so as well. If we talk about women's participation in politics, women should hold positions in politics themselves, without depending on their husbands or fathers. There should be open discussion and dialogue within the family and at last, but not the least, men and women should nurture a child from childhood in a systematic way about gender equality."

Jaspreet Kaur, is the Vice-Principal at Bal Bhavan International School.

Jaspreet Kaur 
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She believes that gender equality should begin from the grassroots level. She says, "Discussions about respecting women and girls should start from school. Boys must be taught that they should respect girls. Stereotypes around both genders should also be broken."

Monika Miglani, an entrepreneur turned politician

Monika Miglani
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says, "Women should participate more in the policymaking, whether it is politics or bureaucracy. Women's participation is very less compared to men in these departments. If the participation of the female's increases, the coming generations can get the advantage of it".

The panel discussion was followed by two more panel discussions. In the next panel the topic of discussion was 'Importance of women empowerment in social development'. This panel included Asha Devi (Vice Chairperson - Women Justice Commission), Nisha Gupta (Chairperson - Women Justice Commission), PK Singh, General Secretary Civil safety council of India, Gomti Mattu, Sr. Vice President, Delhi Govt. Employees Welfare Association.

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The subsequent panel included personalities such as  Dr Sonali Vaid, Healthcare Improvement Advisor and Meenakshi Setia, Co-Director at Testpan India pvt Ltd. The topic of discussion was 'Rise of women-preneurs'.