Noida Authority: Astauli treatment plant in six months
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Noida Authority: Astauli treatment plant in six months

In response to the collective protest by residents of Sector 137, the civic body promises to have the landfill site of Sector 138 levelled with soil, and as a permanent measure, have the waste management plant in Astauli up and about.

Noida Authority: Astauli treatment plant in six months

Residents from the nine societies in Sector 137, Noida, finally have a reason to cheer. In response to their petition to Noida Authority, seeking a ban on dumping of garbage at the landfill site of Sector 138, the civic body promised to have the sanctioned solid waste treatment plant in Astauli Village of Greater Noida functional within six months' time. 

But as a more immediate measure, Saumya Srivastava, deputy CEO of Noida Authority, promised to level the landfill site in Sector 138 with soil. This comes as a big relief for the residents of Sector 137, who have had to constantly suffer owing to the foul smell from the neighbouring site.

On October 16, the residents had collectively launched a signature campaign and sent the signed petition to Noida Authority.

Elaborating on the garbage disposal mechanism in Noida, Srivastava said, "The Authority has four landfill sites. It dumps garbage there on a temporary basis, since there is no solid waste management plant in the city." He further added that after he studied the town's masterplan he realised that it had no area earmarked for a treatment plant.

Explaining this civic lacuna, he said, "The twin cities were initially planned as industrial townships. Indeed, at that point, no one could have imagined that the population of this city could eventually grow to what it is today."

The Authority would still need at least six months to have the plant -- which would treat the waste from the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida -- functional. Srivastava confirmed, "The Authority has got environment clearance for its sanctioned plant in Astauli Village, and the tendering process now needs to be initiated. The problem of garbage disposal will be sorted out once this plant is made operational. The collected garbage would be carried to the plant to be converted to compost.”