GreNo West: Post elections residents want focus on city infrastructure
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GreNo West: Post elections residents want focus on city infrastructure

Residents are demanding a multispeciality hospital and another police station

GreNo West: Post elections residents want focus on city infrastructure

The UP Assembly elections were declared on March 10, 2022. In their aftermath, residents of Greater Noida West are highlighting the pending issues with the help of tweets.

As per residents of Greater Noida West, the population of the city is increasing rapidly. In this view, residents of Greater Noida West have raised their concern to improve the infrastructure of the city and provide better amenities with the Authority. Multispeciality hospital, another police station, bus stop and underpass are some of the demands of the residents.

Residents of Greater Noida West have been demanding a multispeciality government hospital for a long time. Currently, there is only one health centre in Bisrakh.

On the subject of multispeciality hospitals, Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President NEFOWA, “The long-pending need of for a multi-speciality government hospital in GreNo West was raised by the CEO of Noida Authority on the seventh foundation day of Government Institue of Medical Sciences, Noida. He had given a positive assurance. The multi-speciality hospital will be a ‘sanjivini’ for the residents of Greater Noida West.”

As per the residents, the population is increasing continuously in Greater Noida West and the area is vast. Currently, there is only one police station in Bisrakh. Residents shared that there is an urgent need to have one more police station.

Manish Kumar says, “We have been demanding another police station in our area. However, the police commissioner installed police chowki at different spots in Greater Noida West. These police chowkis are very helpful for us. But, if another police station is installed in Greater Noida West, it will be more convenient for the citizens as well as the police officers. Another police station will like a gift for all the residents”

Vikas Katiyar, a resident of the Spring Meadows society shared a tweet,

In a talk with CitySpidey, Katiyar says, “It has been a very long time since the city came into existence but there is nothing in the name of basic amenities. The residents have been demanding basic facilities, however, our demand is being ignored. Along with setting up the city, basic facilities are very important.”

Katiyar points out that even today Greater Noida West is deprived of basic facilities like bus stands, signage boards, CCTV cameras at major intersections, foot overbridges, underpasses, Ramlila Maidan, playgrounds, government hospital, government Navodaya, and Kendriya Vidyalayas school and among others.

He also shared a tweet on this,

Mritunjay Jha, a resident of Supertech EcoVillage 3 society says, “we all know that Greater Noida West is known as the smart city. We are continuously demanding basic amenities such as a government hospital, Ramlila Maidan, Bus stop, an underpass. Hope we will get the basic amenities soon.”