This Holi, try homemade colours
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This Holi, try homemade colours

Homemade dry holi colours will protect your skin

This Holi, try homemade colours

New Delhi: The festival of Holi is incomplete without colours. Nowadays markets are selling a variety of colours. But some of them are hazardous to our skin and can cause skin allergies. Some of the colours are even dangerous to children and senior citizens. Holi becomes more enjoyable when it is healthy and safe.

Don't worry Holi lovers, we can still play Holi like a baby without caring for our skin. Want to know how? Here are methods for homemade dry holi colours which will not only protect your skin but will also save your Holi expenses this year.

Blue Colour

You can prepare skin-friendly blue colour at home with the jacaranda flowers which mostly grow from March to May.

Collect 50-70 jacaranda flowers and dry them up under shade.

After drying, crush them well and convert them into powder form.

Your beautiful organic colour is ready!

You can prepare the same colour with hibiscus flowers by following the same steps.

Red Colour

For the natural homemade red colour, we require the following written ingredients.

If one can afford to have red sandalwood then it can turn your Holi into 100 per cent organic, they are even good for skin and can be used in face packs.

You can also make red colour with peel of pomegranate fruit. Just need to dry it and crush them well in powder.

Yellow colour

For beautiful and comfortable yellow colour, you can prepare it with the following written ingredients.

Mix haldi and besan well in a bowl and your holi colour is ready. This mixture is also preferred while preparing ubtan which is healthy and relaxing to skin.

Marigold can also be used, you will require 20-30 marigold flowers. Dry them under shade for a few days.

Now crush them or blend well in mixer. You can also add some gram flour in it to increase the quantity of colour.

Another way is to dry and crush the rind of bael fruit.

Sandalwood can also be crushed and used as holi colour.

Green colour

For green colour, you'll require these ingredients and steps to follow.

Take 2-3 small bowl of raw rice and add pinch of green food colouring.

Mix colour properly in rice with a spoon.

Now grind the coloured rice in mixer and your green holi colour is ready.

This colour is even safe if your child consumes it as all the edible ingredients are included in this colour.

Orange colour

You can prepare orange colour with the following written ingredients.

Collect some corn flour in a bowl and add a powder form of orange food colour.

Pinches of orange food colour can add sparkle to your colour.

Mix them well and your colour is ready.

Do not worry if your child consumes it as it is 100 per cent safe and edible.

So let's celebrate Holi without any tension of caring for your skin. Stay safe and stay happy.