Surprising benefits of green tea with honey
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Surprising benefits of green tea with honey

Green tea is the least processed tea that is made from unoxidised leaves

Surprising benefits of green tea with honey

Green tea often serves as a cup of healthy ingredients that benefit you in several ways. People have been extracting tons of benefits from green tea for years. Research claim that regular consumption of green tea benefits skin health, may reduce cardiovascular disease and supports the weight loss journey.

According to the report by the International Institute of Sustainable Development, tea is the second most preferred beverage in the world. Green tea is the least processed tea that is made from unoxidised leaves. Indian and Chinese have long used green tea in traditional ways to heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart health and maintain body temperature.

Many people love to combine green tea with honey. It is one of the prominent combinations that let you enjoy the enhanced taste and health benefits. Here are the possible health benefits of drinking green tea with honey.

Improves dental health: It is surprising to know that a sweet beverage can also benefit your tooth but according to many health websites, green tea with honey helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay. However, more research is required to define the amount of green tea that is good for health.

Manage diabetes: People with diabetes are suggested to consume sugar-free beverages, green tea mixed with honey comes as a healthy alternative. Some research shows it helps improve and control conditions. According to the research done by Pubmed, honey is much better for people with higher blood sugar levels than other types of sugar.

Reduce cold and flu: Warm tea and honey are known to be the best remedy for curing sore throat. Although when green tea and honey is consumed together they can help reduce the symptoms of cold and flu.  It is yet not clear how much amount of green tea is required to control such symptoms.

Fight bad breath: Apart from green tea with honey and lemon being a superfood, it also helps fight bad bacteria and viruses in the mouth. Honey works as an antimicrobial that prevents the growth of bacteria. Polyphenols present in green tea helps keep the mouth fresh and odour free.

Healthy skin: Regular consumption of honey and green tea helps to eliminate toxins from the body. It provides enough vitamins and minerals to the body and rejuvenates skin with antioxidants present in honey and green tea.