GreNo Authority to resolve contractors and sanitation workers issues
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GreNo Authority to resolve contractors and sanitation workers issues

ACEO held a meeting with the contractors, instructed them not to remove the old cleaning workers

GreNo Authority to resolve contractors and sanitation workers issues

Greater Noida: The long-standing issue of the tussle between the sanitation workers and their contractors may come to an end soon. To solve the dispute between the contractors and the sanitation workers in Greater Noida, ACEO Deep Chandra held a meeting with the contractors and sanitation workers on Tuesday, March 23, 2022. Following this meeting, the GreNo officials instructed the contractors to clean the area within the next 72 hours.

Different contractors have been given the responsibility of looking after the sanitation work in Greater Noida. However, the new contractors do not want to work with old employees, due to which there was a standoff between the sanitation workers and the contractors for the last one month.

In a meeting with the sanitation workers and contractors on Tuesday,  the ACEO instructed all the contractors not to fire any sanitation from the job. There was a problem with the job of about 35 sanitation workers. Along with resolving the impasse, an ultimatum has been given to the contractors by the GreNo to fix the sanitation-related issues being faced by the residents within 72 hours.  Moreover, the Authority said that if the system does not improve, then a penalty will be imposed on the contractors and they can even be blacklisted if they do not respond positively.

Moreover, in another piece of news concerning the Greater Noida  Authority, two companies were black-listed for one year after flaws were found in the quality of road construction. These companies will not be able to do any new work in  Greater Noida for a year. This action has become an example for the contractors to improve their workings in Greater Noida.

Vikas Katiyar, Vice President NEFOWA  says, “I have been in the group of Greater Noida Authority, they regularly shared the picture of clean roads in the group. However, for the last few days, I have not seen the sweepers cleaning the roads. The cleaning vans are in service.  With this action, contractors will do their work on time.”