Make your entryway lively!
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Make your entryway lively!

A well-designed entryway keeps you organised

Make your entryway lively!

Sprucing up your home entryway is always a tough task. Entryways are a great location to start creating a welcoming and positive vibe in your house. This is the first thing you see when you step into the house, whether a large foyer or a tiny space around the front door. A well-designed entryway keeps your home's atmosphere happy and also leaves a great impression on your guests.

Pick a Color Palette

Credit: Design cafe

Picking up colour is always a task, a colour that will define you and your taste. Pick a colour to define your space. This can be achieved through paint on the walls or simply through accessories. Once you've decided on a colour scheme, include it in a few tones throughout the space, such as through your rug, baskets, artwork, lamps, and other decorative touches.

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Reflect light

Credit: House Beautiful

Some homes' entryways are famously cramped, while others suffer from a lack of natural light. Use mirrors to reflect light and provide a vibrant look. If your front entrance has windows, this works very nicely.

Make a checkpoint for a functional entryway

Credit: Pinterest

Coming home after a long hectic day, when you reach home, the doorway is the first and last thing you see when you leave or an entire home. A few simple add on's can make a tremendous difference to the whole vibe. A tray for basics like keys and wallet, a dream catcher, and hooks to hang your bag or coat will help you organise your space—and your life!


Credit: CLM

Your foyer is the ideal area to showcase your flair. While the room may be limited, you may use the wall and ceiling space to add some extra design. A collection of picture frames can make your walls more lively. Do you travel a lot? Your foyer walls are ideal for displaying shadow boxes, or things you buy from different places you go for a vacation.

Add Personal Touches

Credit: House beautiful

Contemplate adding a few photos of your family, sculptures from a trip, or fun decor that showcases your fashion. A few of these personal touches in an entry can immediately make your home feel like your ideal place.

Greenery at the entrance

Credit: Floweraura

Adding tiny green plants to your entrance can light up the area and the aura. No home is complete without the plants. Put a few snake plants and some money plants near your doormat at the corners of your gate. To add extra aesthetic, place a bamboo mat underneath the pots.