Eternally Confused and Eager for Love- a fun dramedy to binge
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Eternally Confused and Eager for Love- a fun dramedy to binge

Love it or not, you can watch it in one go

Eternally Confused and Eager for Love- a fun dramedy to binge

Eternally Confused and Eager for Love revolves around Ray, a 25-year-old wallflower who has returned after studying in the US, struggles with Hindi and has very few(one) friends. His constant companion is Wiz- an old wizard (voice-over by Jim Sarbh) who is actually Ray’s inner voice. Wiz thus also remains present with Ray as he navigates through self-identity, love and friendship.

As opposed to the long title of the series, the new Netflix original co-produced by Zoya Akhtar is fairly short. With the web series comes a new form of pocket entertainment. I feel whether you fall in love with it or not, you can easily watch through the season in one go. It has only eight episodes and one episode stretches no longer than 22 minutes.

The show becomes an enjoyable watch primarily because of this funny and fearless narrative style. Wiz, an old wizard whose figure is pasted on his work desk, hung on his keyring and pasted on his dashboard is neither respectful nor mature. Being a socially awkward only child, it feels natural that Ray talks to a figure. Wiz reflects Ray’s insecurities and fears. He is barely the voice of reason, but rather confuses Ray which ultimately creates more problems for Ray. Jim Sarbh’s voice delivers a fine performance. It provides this show its lustre and unique appeal.

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The lead star Vihan Samat who was last seen in Netflix’s Mismatched is utterly convincing. Although completely First world, one feels for his problems. His portrayal of suppressed, uncomfortable and surprising moments of charm is interesting to watch.

In one scene, when a feminazi pokes him and asks, what is he doing to make women feel safe? He suggests his idea of overtaking them on the road while walking so that they do not feel uncomfortable. On application, Ray’s attempt come off as an assault for which he is sent to jail for the night. This is one incident where Ray’s honest intentions fail him.

This is the world of online dating and bars. Ray’s childhood friend Ria is also pleasant to watch. Amidst his turmoils, Ria is Ray’s only positive influence to rely on.

Adding to the plusses, to see Rahul Bose on screen again is utterly refreshing. He plays Ray’s father who works at a firm called Cuddles which produces baby products. His screen presence is exciting and funny.

Some elements come as stock characters like Ray’s ever annoyed manager Pushpa who yells constantly, and few scenes feel over the top. But one can ignore it. Life is often bustling with projects, if you’re looking for a light easy fun watch to finish quickly- tune in to Eternally Confused and Eager for Love on Netflix.