The Crayons School opens its new branch in Noida Sector 117
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The Crayons School opens its new branch in Noida Sector 117

The school is well ventilated and centrally cooled and also features a stage for hosting assemblies

The Crayons School opens its new branch in Noida Sector 117

Noida: The Crayons School, a vibrant and colourful educational institution, has opened a branch in Sector 117, Noida. The school was inaugurated on April 3, 2022 by Shanti Sinha, Mother in Law of the Founder- Director Mausami Sinha.

True to its name, the school has a colourful ambience. The school is well-ventilated and centrally cooled and also features a stage for hosting assemblies and performances.

Mousmi Sinha, 'Bharat Shiksa Ratna' awardee, brand ambassador at Wednesday times and National Council Member Association of Indian principals, is the founder-director of The Crayons School. She says, “The new session will start on the 6th April 2022. This is India’s first international teaching based school, which means that we will not be running behind a set pattern of the syllabus, instead, we will teach every student as per his need. We believe in a child-centric curriculum. The medium of learning will be audiovisual.”

She continues, “There will be co-curricular activities round the year such as dance, drama, music etc. Every Friday, field exposure will be given. In the classes, the ratio of student and teacher will be 15:1. We will keep the school dust-free, properly sanitized and clean for all the students and teachers.”

This colourful school has a dedicated space for the activities such as trampolines, hopscotch, tricycles, dancings, mud and clay work, etc for the development of fine skills, motor skills, and overall development. Kids in school and daycare will be served nutritious meals from their in house kitchen, which will be totally out of the kid's reach, hence no fear of any mishap.

The school will be providing CCTV surveillance too so that parents can easily keep an eye on their ward being at home. One can avail of this service on extra payment.

Priyanka Singh, Associate Director of this school holds an experience of almost two decades in education, academics and financial services and is an Indira puraskaar awardee, honoured by the CM of Delhi.

She says, “Our teachers are well qualified and all the teachers are NTT certified, fully vaccinated and soft-spoken. The transportation system will be functional and no one needs to worry about the pick and drop of their ward. Currently, there is a large number of discounts going on, which can be availed like the inaugural offer, early bird offer etc.”

She continues, "We want children to be active participants in their learning for which we provide them with multiple ways of expressing themselves. Our approach is inspired by global best practices in the early years of teaching and learning with a focus on developing the all-important attributes of grit, empathy, collaboration and a growth mindset in children from an early age.”

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This school has tie-ups with many prominent schools in Noida. The other branches of this school have helped many students get into the big schools like The Mayoor School, LPS Global School, Ramagya school, Global Indian School, Billabong etc.

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