After hottest March, IMD predicts heatwave in April
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After hottest March, IMD predicts heatwave in April

India witnessed the hottest March in the last 122 years.

After hottest March, IMD predicts heatwave in April

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Sunday, April 3, 2022, has predicted intense heatwaves in April in the north, western and central parts of India whereas, in southern and northeast India, isolated rainfall and winds are most likely to occur.

The onset of Summer 2022 has brought a series of hot waves with them. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the month of March that has just gone by was the hottest in the last 122 years with an average temperature of 33.1 degrees celsius. For the last few days, the highest temperature has risen to 40 degrees consecutively for more than a week without any rain.

“Heatwaves are likely to continue over Delhi-NCR over the next five days as the whole northwest region is experiencing dry weather conditions with parts of Rajasthan and Haryana reeling under a heatwave. Strong surface winds are likely on April 4 and April 5, 2022, which may reduce the heat index but from April 6 onwards heatwave conditions have been predicted,” said an IMD official.

As per IMD, abnormal wind patterns, lack of rainfall, and global warming can be possible reasons behind the heatwaves.

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These heatwaves are not only an inconvenience but can also result in health issues. WHO says such kind of weather comes with different health problems. Some of them are dehydration, respiratory disease, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heat strokes, kidney damage and in some cases it can even impact mental health.

Anyone can develop such health conditions caused by heatwaves and extra exposure to direct sun. Some people are sensitive or at greater risk of heat-induced sickness. Such people include children under 4 years and people with chronic conditions.

Anoop Sharma (24), an IT professional and theatre lover opines, “As we are growing, we are facing the consequences of exploiting nature. I feel charred while driving to my office every day in the morning at 9:30 am. One is because of the pollution and the second because of the heatwave. I usually go for my theatre classes after office, but I think summers have been so hot this year that it makes me feel drained and tired.”

Ritika Yadav (21), a college-going student says, “It feels like summers have arrived before time this year. I feel uncomfortable if the AC is not on. Going out in this weather is getting very difficult."