How to stay cool during the Delhi heatwave
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How to stay cool during the Delhi heatwave

IMD has predicted heatwave conditions for the next few days in April

How to stay cool during the Delhi heatwave

Summer is called the season of joy but one cannot say the same amidst the soaring temperatures in Northern and Central India. IMD has predicted heatwave conditions for the next few days in April. According to WHO, such weather can result in many different health issues. Some of them are dehydration, respiratory disease, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heat strokes, kidney damage and can even impact mental health.

In such a situation, it becomes imperative to take added precautions to stay fit through the summer. Here are some guidelines you must ensure in your routine-

Choose a hydrating diet: Sweating during summer is a normal response of the body to the rising temperature. This helps the body to stay cool, but it also results in loss of moisture which should be replenished regularly. Therefore one should nourish themself properly with healthy drinks and water. If you are outside during summers, especially during heatwaves. Remember to drink water even when you are not feeling thirsty. Avoid sugary drinks. They can make you lose more fluid from the body. Apart from this, including natural foods like watermelon, lemon juice and chia seeds can help you stay hydrated.

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Dress according to the weather: Choice of dress is always an individual’s decision. Yet, given the heatwave, dark shades and tight-fitting can aggravate the effect of hot weather on your skin. One could enjoy wearing loose, light-coloured clothes, and breathable fabric. This will protect you from sunburn, tanning and being uncomfortable. If you are going outdoors, minimise direct sun exposure by wearing sunscreen, cover yourself properly, and protect your hair and head with scarfs, caps, umbrellas, or hats.

Avoid strenuous outdoor activities: Avoiding strenuous activities outdoors can help you stay protected from heat illnesses. One can enjoy going out in the evening or morning hours during summers when the temperature is cooler. If you're the one working outside in the heat keep yourself hydrated, eat lots of fruits but consume light food. Sit in the shades during break and cover your eyes. Check on your co-workers too if they are feeling comfortable or not.

Shower: Taking a cool shower can be relaxing. This will not only remove all-day-long dirt from the body but also help to lower elevated body temperature.

Choose Indoors: Whether it is for work or leisure, choose indoor spaces to stay protected from the heatwave. You can choose to order groceries online instead of going to the market. One could choose cafes for meetings, or museums for an outing with children.

To help you, here are some activities you can pick for entertainment-

  • playing indoor games.
  • watch a movie
  • swimming at an indoor pool
  • mall hopping
  • exploring a museum or an art gallery
  • ice cream parlours
  • indoor stadiums for sports