Signs that he/she is wasting your time
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Signs that he/she is wasting your time

While every relationship doesn't have to be happily ever after, one should seek healthy relationship

Signs that he/she is wasting your time

In the quest to find true love, there are many we come across. While every relationship doesn't have to be happily ever after, one should seek healthy relationships.

However, no matter how much time you spend with that special person in your life, sometimes you get the impression that something isn't quite right. Perhaps you feel you're the only one putting in significantly more effort than your partner. If you are constantly wondering "Is this going anywhere? Do we want the same thing?" If these questions are constantly going through your head, it may be time for you to take a stand for yourself and look for alternatives.

To answer all your doubts, here are some signs that you should look for-

Playing the Victim
Sometimes, even when you pull the courage to demand explanations, he/she always changes the course of the argument to sound like they are the victim. Thereafter, you end up saying sorry for no reason.

He/She doesn't want to meet your family
Your family and closest friends have been the most critical persons in your life thus far. You want to introduce him/her to those key individuals now that they are in your life. You'd like them to meet your family, but they always find a way to get out of it. Are genuinely worth your time if he doesn't want to meet your favourite people?

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It's always you putting in the effort
If someone is interested in you, they will naturally ask questions, they will genuinely want to know how you are, and they will be curious about what you're up to, what you care about, and your opinions on various topics. Take a step back to have a clearer understanding of the situation. Take a look at what occurs if you don't put in the same amount of work. Do things come to a halt?

Your progress/happiness is being limited
True love would never make you give up on healthy opportunities like meeting your friends or a great career path. If you realise that your partner is limiting your progress just to be 'together', it is possible that it won't last very long.

You don't know a whole lot about them
You see that they never really involve you in anything about their life. You've had some fantastic discussions, but they've only touched the surface. You have no idea what lies beneath.

Superficial Conversations
A relationship cannot be based on small talk. It is nice to share interests and hobbies, but the anchor exists in understanding each other through sharing your aims and fears. When you're together, you tend to run out of things to say after a brief and then after, there is a big awkward silence. Talking with someone you love should be easy and comfy, not uneasy and awkward.

You haven't met his/her friends
You want to be a part of their life, including their friends and family. But for some reason, they always keep guiding you away from them, preferring to spend time with you alone. A relationship begins with just the two of you, but it will soon include your family and friends.

They don't mention you when they talk about the future
Not just one of you, but both of you should be involved in the future. If they continue mentioning a lot without you or simply including you as an afterthought, they are not in it for the long haul like you are.