Tips to help your garden bloom in summers
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Tips to help your garden bloom in summers

Protecting your garden amidst the ongoing heatwave can require additional effort

Tips to help your garden bloom in summers

Having a blooming garden in the front yard, backyard, balcony or terrace can breathe pleasant energy into your spaces and calm your nerves. But the dry harsh winds of summer afternoons can play havoc with your green space. It can wilt the leaves and dry up your plants. That is why protecting your garden amidst the ongoing heatwave can require additional effort.

Here are some tips to take care of your garden in this weather-

Watering the plants at the right time every day

Just like us, the plants need hydration to survive the summers. Watering your plants in heavy sunlight can be adverse to the plant's health. The best time to water plants during summer is early morning and evening. The temperature is not very high at this time, allowing the roots to absorb maximum moisture.

The plants need shade too

Covering your plants with a green cover is a good way to protect them from harsh winds. Small plants are way more fragile than large shade-giving trees. The cloth or green cover can be installed between 11-4 pm in the summers.

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Make sure that the soil is dry before watering

Too much water on the ground can destroy the plant's life. So check if the soil is moist under the surface. Let it become dry before sprinkling water on the leaves and branches. Sprinkling little water on the leaves or flower will help them look fresher and greener.

Summer plants are the best for a summer blooming garden

Plants are essentially seasonal beings. Some plants are best grown in winter, while others on sunny days. Mostly climber and creeper plants grow during summers such as bottle guard, pumpkin, watermelon and cucumber.

In flowers, you can consider Marigold, Marigold, Balsam, Cosmos, Gaillardia, Gomphrena, Portulaca, Nasturtium, and Sunflowers which bloom well during Summers.