Gadgets to help you sleep better
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Gadgets to help you sleep better

Overexposure to screens, rampant use of social media and work stress are increasing insomnia

Gadgets to help you sleep better

Getting good sleep is one of the most important things to get a fully energetic and recharged body. Proper sleeping patterns are important for physical well-being, mental and emotional health, weight and mood management and physical appearance.

Overexposure to screens, rampant use of social media and work stress is increasing insomnia for people. According to the publication of the neurological society of India, the reported prevalence of insomnia is 9% in the general population and about 30% of the population suffers from occasional insomnia.

Here is a list of some useful gadgets that can help you sleep better.

Sleep Mist Spray

Using cool mist can help you to get better sleep. The real most valued in dream sprays, though, are the essential oils, since they’re especially effective when it comes to promoting sleep. Studies have shown that lavender is calming for the body and mind and can ease anxiety. Mists containing herbs like clary sage and marjoram are anti-spasmodic and can help suppress aches and pains.

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Using a thermostat

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal sleeping temperature falls anywhere between 28 and 35 degrees Celcius. Throughout the day and as you sleep, your body temperature falls naturally, following a process called thermoregulation. So, installing a thermostat may help you to fall asleep.

Smart lights

Innovative smart lights available these days help you sleep better by simulating natural light. At night, it simulates the sunset to relax into a deep slumber. Then, in the morning, it simulates the sunrise to help you wake up gradually, instead of using a harsh alarm clock.

Use of Eye Massager

The use of an eye massager can help to relieve the stress caused by computers and help in case of eye-straining. It instantly relieves eye fatigue and helps to fall asleep and for the individuals who experience the ill effects of dark circles and articulated wrinkles, eye massagers can help remove those.

Chilipad sleep system

It is a unique bed heating and cooling system that uses a water-based system to actively and accurately regulate bed temperature. A machine-washable mattress pad that encases silicone tubing filled with water, and a separate control unit that circulates the water and regulates its temperature. ChiliPad helps to sleep faster and have deeper, more restorative sleep.